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What to do if you need urgent carpet fitting for a wedding venue

Anyone in the wedding industry will appreciate how important it is for every element of a bride and groom’s big day to be perfect, right down to the finest detail. If you operate a wedding venue, you’ll know that creating

Luscious green grass to be proud of with our artificial lawn fitting service

It’s a busy time of year for our artificial lawn fitting service and our experts are currently working hard transforming the gardens of Tamworth into lush everlasting lawns. This includes a recent artificial lawn fitting job in Glascote village, Tamworth,

Everything you need to know about professional carpet fitting in Tamworth

If you need a carpet fitting in Two Gates, or the wider Tamworth area, you’ve come to the right place. Carpet Surgeon are experts in carpets, with more than 30 years of experience in both carpet fitting and carpet repairs.

Why choose artificial grass this summer?

You may have gathered that we are experts in all things carpet, but did you know that our vast experience also extends to outdoor carpets? We’re talking of course about artificial grass. We’re heading into our busiest time of year

An easy and convenient way to carpet your whole house

Although we are experts in carpet repair and specialise in making your damaged carpet look good as new, there are times when a new carpet is required. Did you know that we also offer carpet supply and carpet fitting services?

Why Good Carpet Fitting is Essential

Which looks better; a well-fitting, inexpensive suit or a suit that costs a fortune but doesn’t fit well at all?  It is obvious that a good fit is crucial.  But a good fit doesn’t only relate to clothes.  The same

The Leys, Carpet Repair Surgeon

When you need a carpet repair and you want someone local, whom you can trust? You don’t have to look outside The Leys Tamworth.  Although The Leys Cottage Hospital has long gone you still have your own kind of surgeon

The Easy Way to Fix Ripped Carpet [in Stonydelph and Amington]

Invisible carpet repairs

As a carpet repair company in Mile Oak, Tamworth we are often asked if it’s possible to fix ripped carpets by local Tamworth residents in Stonydelph and Amington. The good news is that we can fix ripped carpet and have

Fix Torn Carpet with Tamworth’s Carpet Surgeon

If you’ve recently found yourself searching ‘how to fix torn carpet’ in Google, then you may be one of those unlucky people that have fallen victim to an accidental rip in your new carpet. Whether it was from an excitable

Seasons Greetings from Carpet Surgeon

So much preparation goes into creating the perfect Christmas Day but it seems that, still, everyone has their own Christmas disaster story. “A couple of years ago we had a power cut on Christmas Eve that affected the whole area.