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How to Choose a Professional Carpet Repair Specialist for Your Business

You’ve been putting it off for quite a while, but now there is no escaping it.

Those sections of threadbare carpet are starting to distract customers and quite frankly, the torn sections may one day land you in a health and safety nightmare that you wisely should be avoiding.

Frustrated that you have to again replace the whole carpet when there is only a relatively small section damaged, you boot up your computer and head straight to Google where you type; Carpet Replacement Repair Service… and after a moment of consideration, you decidedly add the word “professional.”


Because whether it’s hiring staff, developing a website, or deciding on décor; your customers must be able to identify you as a professional outfit that can meet their needs and inspire them to return again and again to purchase your services.

This means that the suppliers you choose to maintain your business premises must also reflect the same professional standards and justify the use of your hard earned revenue.

Faced with a selection of carpet repair services in the search results, you now need to decide which repair service to use.

Well, lucky for you, we just happen to have some helpful pointers:

They need to be able to provide a professional carpet repair

If you choose a supplier who will provide you with a poor quality repair, your customers are going to associate that appearance with you; not the repair company.

When looking for a professional carpet repair service, consider the experience they have in the trade. Do they have many years experience1 refining their skills?

Specialist services, such as carpet repair require a certain level of skill and capabilities using specialist tools and techniques. To avoid that patch-work look, carpet repair specialists should be proficient in re-tufting skills2 and have an in-depth knowledge3 of carpet material and formation to repair a range of existing carpets to their former glory.

They need to have experience working with businesses 

Popping into a customer’s house during the day may be one thing, but carrying out a carpet repair in a business during work hours is an entirely different scenario.

A supplier who doesn’t turn up when scheduled, is rude to customers, distracts employees and leaves materials around as trip hazards are just going to damage reputations and cause unnecessary issues (as well as save themselves any chance of repeat business).

By simply reviewing case studies or requesting recommendations of work carried out in other businesses, you can obtain a good indication of the level of reliability and professionalism of the service from the carpet repair company.

A good benchmark for recommendations and case studies can be found here4, with glowing reports from restaurants, council offices and even Harrods, you can be sure that your business would be in good hands.

They need to be able to meet strict business needs

As you are well aware, businesses not only have customer needs to consider but also employees, inspectors and health and safety requirements.

A professional carpet repair service will understand the importance of these extra requirements and be able to cater for them.

With a flexible approach, a professional carpet repair service will be willing to go above and beyond5 to meet the needs of the business. This may mean arranging a time to make the repairs when there will be minimal disruption to customers, possibly on an evening or weekend6.

When making your enquiry to the repair service, you should be able to ascertain their levels of professionalism right from the start as they talk through with you how they can meet your needs. Following this they should be happy to provide a prompt quotation and suitable payment terms with a branded invoice that meet your financial policies and procedures.

They need to provide good value for money

When choosing the right carpet repair supplier, cost is always an important consideration. Of course, we are all aware that the cheapest option doesn’t always equal the best quality and that a balance between quality, reliability and cost will provide good value for money.

So when you receive a quote for carpet repair works, always take into consideration the above factors of skill, quality and professionalism rather solely based on price.

A carpet repair company that is dedicated to providing you with good value will find ways to save you money, not spend your money (as in the case of Carpet Surgeon who found ways to reduce costs for this restaurant5).

Don’t forget, a good carpet repair service will already be saving you the costs of replacing a whole new carpet, making this an ideal solution and the beginning of a wonderful new business partnership.

They need to provide a convenient solution

Thankfully we can save you a lot of trouble researching professional carpet repair services for your business by providing you with the contact for a centrally located7 carpet repair service who have over 30 years experience repairing carpets for businesses just like yours.

For 5 star recommendations, helpful case studies and a gallery of expert repairs, simply visit or call 01827 261782 and ask for your professional quotation today.







6: Best Western Case Study


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