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The Easiest Way to Your Perfect Carpet

Smell it, curl your toes in it or just stare at it lovingly.

Which one is your reaction?

Of course we’re talking about seeing your newly fitted carpet for the first time; finished and ready for use.

What is it about new carpets? Is it that new untouched look that puts you in mind of a fresh layering of snow desperate to be walked on or that perfect shade that welcomes you to come in, kick off your shoes and relax?

Whatever it is, you’re sure of one thing. It’s definitely the finishing touch that was needed.

It’s the reason why you no longer hesitate to invite round that couple for dinner (you know the ones I mean) or worry about the vile greyish-used-to-be-cream colour that clashed with your curtains.

It may be a little weird... but there’s no denying it. New carpet just seems to satisfy our desire to have warmth and comfort in our homes.

As the owner at Carpet Surgeon, I make sure our team know the importance of prolonging that new carpet look for as long as possible and it’s why we are adept at removing any traces of damage from Carpet Burn Repairs to Student Discounts - Carpet repair.

Yet our team also understand that sometimes, only a new carpet will do. A whole new product for a whole new style.

Which Carpet is Right for You?

Now I may be an expert on carpets, fabrics and brands but I’m willing to bet that you and I have the same needs for the carpets we choose in our own homes.

stain free saxony

It needs to look good. It needs to look new for as long as possible and it needs to be affordable and fitted quickly and professionally.

Is that too much to ask for? I don’t think so.

Carpet Surgeon guarantees that we can satisfy your needs when you choose us to supply and fit your carpets.

This isn’t just because we understand carpets and have over 30 years of skilled repair and fitting experience. It’s because we understand our customers.

We know you’re smart enough not to choose the bargain-basement carpet that will go threadbare in a month; that’s why we make sure you have access to a wide range of quality carpet and brands to provide you with a reputable and varied selection.

We also know that you appreciate the value of experience and that inexperienced fitters often used by larger carpet companies can leave you wondering what went wrong. Our trained, skilled fitters work efficiently and quickly; and as we’re a smaller business, our overheads are low. Meaning our costs are low too.

Carpet selection the way you want it

We may not be artistic interior decorators, but we do know quality carpet when we see it. So we’re happy to offer you advice on what will work in your home.

Choosing a carpet style can be overwhelming sometimes. We are more than happy to pop round and offer suggestions on carpet durability, allergy issues and even how to match that colour swatch you’ve been saving.

Oh, and guess what! We also don’t mind if you want to buy your carpet yourself. We’ll still fit it for you using our experienced and professional fitters and supply underlay, grippers and door-strips too.

It’s simple really.

It starts with a phone call (01827 261782) or an Get in contact to our friendly team who will be eager to make sure your new carpet is supplied and fitted as quickly and hassle free as possible.

Then before you know it, you’ll be proudly displaying your new carpet and wondering how you ever coped without it.

For proof of our guarantee just see what our customers think by visiting our gallery or Customer Testimonials pages.

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