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Student Discounts for Quick Fix Carpet Repairs

The flaming Sambuca shots seemed like a good idea at the time.

However, there is now the matter of what to do with the burn marks in the carpet and that irremovable stain which you’re hoping is something far less disturbing than it actually looks.


In fact, now you’ve started to examine the carpet you also notice a few tears and frayed sections that you are sure were not there when you moved in.

Normally, this wouldn’t be much of an issue, but as a student you really can’t afford to pay to have the whole carpet removed and replaced.

There is also the matter of your tenancy agreement that specifically mentions that YOU are liable to pay costs for ‘any damage, made deliberately or through carelessness to fixtures and fittings in your accommodation.’ Carpets included.

Your first action may be to turn to insurance cover (if it has already been purchased), however as most insurance companies don’t cover accidental damage to carpets, it can start to look like options are becoming limited.

There are three choices that you might be considering.

First:  Ignore it and hope that you can somehow manage to keep your deposit and avoid a bill for a costly carpet replacement. Fingers crossed on that one.

Second:Admit defeat by paying for the whole carpet to be replaced and swear off Sambuca forever.

Third: Spend a smaller amount on a quick and simple repair using Carpet Surgeon. The carpet repair specialists who will work their magic by removing any evidence of burns and damage, leaving you free from hefty costs and inconvenient carpet replacements as well as securing your deposit for yet another day.

Solutions and Discounts for Students

Contrary to what some people say, burns in carpets, tears, rips and even pet damage can be repaired without the need to replace the whole carpet.

Of course, accidents do happen. So whether the damage is caused by hair straighteners, pet scratches, dropped irons or even knocked over electric heaters. You shouldn’t have to spend large amounts of time and money on sorting the issue.

Carpet Surgeon has spent the last 30 years perfecting the skill of carpet repair to expertly (and quickly) remove damage, match and re-tuft sections so that carpets are rejuvenated back to their original state.

There is no question that Carpet Surgeon is a great solution to fix a carpet burn or repair a section of carpet that can no longer be hidden by strategically placed textbooks.  But it does mean having to pay a smaller amount first to save you larger costs later.

Don’t worry though! Carpet Surgeon are happy to offer students a  discount when a valid student card is produced. Now the cost is even less!

Plus it’s really easy to get a quote for carpet repairs in your student accommodation or rented room. Just email or text (0789 999 2424) Carpet Surgeon about the problem and where you are located. 

So don’t despair, Carpet Surgeon repairs!