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Is this the carpet repair people?

You’ve just read one of our most frequently asked questions.

You many think the answer to it is obvious. You may even wonder why, when you decide to call us1, that you even find yourself asking it.

“Is this the carpet repair place?”

The funny thing is, we both know the real reason why the question is asked and it isn’t ‘have I called the right place’… what in fact is being asked is, ‘are you the right people for the job?’

So that’s why we’ve dedicated this quick blog to that very simple question.

Are we the carpet repair people?


Here’s why.

We’ve been repairing carpets for over 30 years

Carpet repair is a skill. If it wasn’t, everyone would do it. And we don’t mean applying stain remover or cutting off the curry stains with a pair of scissors.

No, with expert carpet repair you need knowledge of a variety of carpet material, loops and weaves to expertly repair and re-tuft the carpet to its former glory.

So we celebrate that skill with accredited certificates of competencies2 from The Academy of Flooring Skills to prove that we know exactly how to turn your carpet from despair to repair.

In addition to that, we have experience of repairing carpets for over 30 years3 and counting. That’s a long time to refine our technique, build up knowledge and become a well known name for quality carpet repair in the West Midlands including Staffordshire and Warwickshire.

In fact, our reputation for quality repairs didn’t escape the notice of prestigious Harvey Nichols4 (here comes our trumpet blowing bit). Our expert skills were put into action, working nights to repair carpet across 3 retail floors with complete customer satisfaction5. 

We have a solution for all types of carpet damage     

Wear and tear, nail polish, hot irons, animal chews6, candle wax, flaming sambuca shots,7 the list of carpet damage continues. We’ve seen it all and repaired it all.

Our skills in carpet repair aren’t just limited to the home either; they are transferrable to your car, van, office and place of work. Where there is damaged carpet to be found, you can rest assured Carpet Surgeon has the perfect solution.

So if you’re in need of transforming worn and torn commercial carpet8 or vehicle carpet9 you’re in the right place.

Perhaps, you’ve discovered that the damage is to extensive or just fancy a change of decor?

No problem, we also supply and fit carpets10 and can help you choose the right carpet for the room and your budget, just like we did for Blue Water Restaurant11 in Tamworth and saved them a bundle in the process.

Don’t forget, student discounts7 apply for carpet repairs, so students, if you need an affordable quick fix, just drop us a text on 0789 999 2424.

Our results will blow you away

Think we just leave an unsightly patchwork look on your carpet and disappear? Think again.

Using careful colour matching, re-tufting and patience we can transform your once damaged section of carpet to look as good as new; saving you time and money on having to replacing the whole carpet or having to claim on your insurance (which may not even cover accidental carpet damage).

Don’t believe us? Have a look at our gallery12 of amazing transformations and testimonials5 from happy customers, and you can see that when you call us for a quick repair or carpet fit, you’ve made the right decision.

It’s simple, quick and easy to get your repair

We’re based right in the heart of England which means we can easily access transport links to virtually anywhere in Britain.

All it takes to get the process started is a simple phone call, email1 or even tweet13 to tell us your problem. Feel free to attach a photo which is helpful for us to decide the best course of action and quote for the job.

So don’t hesitate to call us and avoid costly and unnecessary carpet replacements. Oh, and if you ever hear yourself asking ‘Is this the carpet repair people’ you will know that the answer ‘absolutely’ proves we are the right people for the job.


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