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Step by Step Guide to Repairing Carpet Burns

Carpet is often the preferred choice of flooring. It is soft, comfortable and creates a warm atmosphere in a room. However, a carpet does require care and can look unsightly when damaged. A hot object such as a cigarette or a log from an open fireplace can easily burn carpet. This would need repairing and depending on the extent of the damage, can be restored or patched up following the steps below.

For smaller, less obvious carpet burns where only the tips of the fibres are affected, it may suffice to simply trim off the burnt fibre tips with a pair of small scissors. Once this has been done and no visible burnt fibres remain, dab the affected area with a damp sponge of detergent solution. Follow this by sponging with clean water only. Once the area dries, the burnt area will no longer be visible.

Deeper burns, where holes have been left or a large patch of carpet is affected, will need to be patched up. This can be done easily by using a piece of scrap carpet. If you have carpet leftovers lying about, simply use these. If not, a patch from the existing carpet will need to be used. You would need to choose an area such as a hidden corner or perhaps inside a closet and obtain your patch from here. The steps below provide a guide on effectively replacing the damaged carpet: -

Step 1: Cut out a piece of carpet from the scraps, either rectangle or square in shape. This needs to be slightly bigger than the damaged area of the carpet. It is also important to ensure that the patch you cut out matches the pattern on the carpet exactly and that the pile runs in the same direction. This will ensure the patch is less visible.

Step 2: Place the cut out piece of carpet over the burnt area. Ensure the entire damaged area is covered. Hold it firmly in place. With a utility knife, cut around the edges of the scrap piece of carpet right through to the carpet underneath. It is important that you press firmly enough to cut through the carpet but not too much so that the carpet padding is damaged.

Step 3: Once you have cut the burnt carpet out completely, gently remove the burned patch. Place the patch over the cut out area and ensure it fits perfectly. If not, trim some of the edges slightly.

Step 4: To fit the patch into the damaged area, you can use either an adhesive or double-face tape, specifically for carpet use. Apply the adhesive or double-face tape directly to the carpet padding, this is best placed at the outer edges of the hole. Carefully place the patch in the hole, ensuring it lines up perfectly with the pattern and pile of the carpet. Press the carpet patch onto the padding firmly. It is advisable to place a heavy object such as a book over the patched area for a few days to ensure the patch adheres and also so that there is no walking over the patch while it dries.

Often carpets are neglected in favour of walls, furniture and other surfaces in a room. Floors generally receive much more use in a room than any other surface. Making sure your carpet is repaired and free of obvious burns will instantly improve the look and feel of a room. For best results, it is always advisable to call in a professional service. However, when budget is restricted or in cases where insurance may not cover the damage, the `do it yourself` solutions above may prove useful.

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