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How to Repair a Burn in the Carpet 

You’ve got to be kidding!

What an idiot.

How did that happen?!

Let me guess, these were some of your reactions to discovering an unmistakable burnt patch in your once pristine carpet? Or perhaps your response contained a lot more expletives?

We don’t blame you. This reaction is usually followed by a few moments of despair as you stare at the burn… willing it to repair and wishing that life had a rewind button.

Well, we might not have a rewind button. But we have the next best thing.

So whether your carpet burn is from an iron that has decided to kamikaze off the ironing board, a heating appliance that prefers curling carpet to hair or a runaway cigarette; there is a solution to repairing it.

And no, it’s not setting up a little plaque and declaring it modern art.

Considering the options

So let’s get straight to what you want to know.

Just exactly how should YOU go about repairing this carpet burn?

Well you do have a couple of options. Replace the whole carpet by paying for a replacement or by contacting your home insurance providers and desperately hoping you selected the ‘accidental damage to carpets’ option (more on that here1).

Or you can save your rising insurance premium and use a carpet repair specialist to skilfully repair that specific section of damage. Funnily enough, we happen to know just the experts2 for you who happen to have a large number of glowing recommendations.3

So how does Carpet Surgeon repair a burn?

A quick assessment of the burn will tell us all we need to know, including the size and depth of the damage. This is important because it can determine the best way to fix it. Yes that’s right, we have more than one repair technique.

Re-tufting the carpet : If the burnt area is small enough or superficial, then re-tufting the carpet will be all that is required.

Basically this means taking some individual fibres from the existing carpet where they won’t be missed, like on the edges or under cabinets, and with the precision of a surgeon (see what we did there) re-attach them into the hole.

This requires some skill as damaged fibres will require careful extraction, keeping the base of the carpet intact and then inserting single strands of fibres back into the carpet. Carpet patterns also need to be taken into account, as does securing the fibres properly.

The whole re-tuft process delivers a seamless repair that can’t even be noticed by the trained eye. Why not see for yourself in our gallery3 and check if you can spot the original burn in the after photos.

Re-Patch the Carpet: if you’ve been unfortunate enough to have somehow burnt a decent sized hole, maybe with an iron, then the best option for repair may be to patch and integrate a section of carpet.

Don’t panic, we’re professionals. We won’t leave you with a cheap patchwork quilt effect.

It’s always best to re-patch using sections of carpet from scraps you may have saved, or laid, for example, in the cupboard under the stairs. However we do carry a range of carpet sections or can usually source these if required.

With expert precision, the damaged section of carpet is removed leaving the underlay and floor untouched.

Then using a steady hand and careful measurements, the carpet is cut to an exact size and sealed into the required area.

To prevent any sign of repair, the new carpet patch is integrated with the existing carpet using specialist tools and techniques that blend the sections together; leaving the whole area looking as though it had never once had a run-in with a scolding iron.

The results are always impressive, as you can see here4, and often can be accomplished reasonably quickly.

So now you know how we do it; all you need to know is how much it costs.

So drop us a call (01827 261782) or email us5, and we will be happy to provide you with a surprisingly affordable quote. Which believe me, is whole lot cheaper than having to replace your carpet.

And if you’re still not sure if we are the carpet experts for you; then you may want to ask the question “Are you the Carpet Repair People6



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