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Why Good Carpet Fitting is Essential

Which looks better; a well-fitting, inexpensive suit or a suit that costs a fortune but doesn’t fit well at all? 

It is obvious that a good fit is crucial.  But a good fit doesn’t only relate to clothes.  The same applies to carpets too. 

The good news is that a room isn’t going to change size like a person might, so the carpet fitting only has to be done once and then that carpet should last a long time.  On the other hand, a carpet generally has to put up with more wear and tear than clothes, so how well that carpet fitting is done will determine how good it looks in the long term.

It is essential that the carpet fitting is done expertly, otherwise, whatever the quality of the carpet, it could very quickly start to look shabby.

Expertly Fitting Carpets

A perfectly fitting carpet begins with what’s underneath. 

A good foundation of a smooth, level floor and appropriate underlay for the carpet will provide the best surface, avoiding ridges and ripples appearing.  So, part of the job for a professional carpet fitter is to assess the floor that the carpet is to be laid on.  After making any necessary preparations to the subfloor the carpet fitting can begin. 

Here is where the experience of a carpet fitter will become evident.  The pattern of the carpet, the direction of light, the shape of the room, pipework and any other features or steps all have to be taken into account when measuring up and when actually doing the carpet fit. 

Good carpet fitting requires the carpet to be stretched correctly and for the appropriate method of fixing to be used to ensure a smooth surface.  Edges and joins need to be executed seamlessly for perfect, long-lasting results that don’t begin to fray or unravel.

So, in more ways than one, a professional carpet fitting is similar to having a bespoke suit tailor-made to fit.  We could liken the door threshold strips to the tie-pin and cufflinks but we might be taking the analogy a bit too far.

Your Professional Carpet Fitter

Carpet Surgeon has been fitting carpets for over thirty years and knows everything there is to know about making your carpet, however expensive or inexpensive that may be, look the very best it can.  Carpet Surgeon, based in Tamworth, deliver local craftsmanship alongside friendly, customer service. 

If you would like to arrange for measurements to be taken prior to carpet fitting, or have any other questions, contact Carpet Surgeon here or call Tamworth 01827 261 782.

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