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Dangers of D.I.Y. Carpet Burn Repair

You must be here for one of two reasons:

1) You’ve accidentally happened upon us because you have carpet burns on your skin or

2) You have a burn on your carpet… or your landlord’s carpet or even worse, your Boss’ carpet!

Number 2 we can help you with.  If its number 1, please seek medical attention!

Right, what kind of burn are we talking here? Have you or someone you are currently very annoyed with done one of the following:

  • Not put the fire guard up and now there is coal damage on your carpet
  • Put out a cigarette on the carpet
  • Knocked the iron off its board
  • Tried to wow everyone at a party with a fire-based magic trick



If you have done any of these things (or anything like them), the chances are you’re looking at an ugly burn or scorch mark in your carpet  and wondering how on earth you’re going to sort it.

We’ve seen it all. You’d be surprised.

The 5 Stages of Carpet Burn Despair

We have found that, if you have made it to our website, you have probably been through the five stages of carpet despair…

  • Denial –Think it could never be fixed and there’s nothing to be done but replace the whole carpet
  • Anger-When you realise that your insurance company does not cover accidents on carpets without it massively increasing your insurance premium
  • Bargaining-You wonder how you can fix it without spending any Cue some disastrous attempts at D.I.Y. repair
  • Depression- When nothing so far has worked
  • Acceptance- Realise you need a professional and call us at Carpet Surgeon

You are not alone. People all over England are calling us for help with just such issues.



The problem with carpet burns is that they damage the carpet in such a way that it can’t be cleaned out, or even scraped out. It takes more drastic action. Sometimes we can repair it without using patches.  Alternatively, depending on how deep the burn is, we may have to replace that piece of carpet.

Worried about seam marks? Don’t be… We are professionals. 

Dangers of D.I.Y. Carpet Burn Repair

There have been some real disasters when it comes to well-meaning amateurs trying to do a carpet surgeons job, especially when it comes to attempting a carpet burn repair.

If you try and patch it without the proper tools, you risk some very obvious seams. Without the proper expertise you risk making it look a lot worse.

We’ve seen it before. Equipped with a pair of nail scissors and a will to save money, people have tried to trim out an embedded burn, only to be left with a shorter piece of blackened carpet in the middle of their lounge. Don’t try this at home. Leave it to the experts.

Why you can Trust Carpet Surgeon to Get the Job Done 

Here at Carpet Surgeon we have invested 30 years into applying the latest techniques and technology that will leave your carpet transformed from despair to repair.

Whether the technique is re-tufting, micro-shearing, patching or weaving, we have the skills and the solution at a surprisingly affordable price.

So hopefully you’ve gone through the 5 stages of ‘Carpet Burn Despair’ and are now at number 5: Acceptance, so please don’t hesitate. Give us a call on 01827 261 782 or complete a quick contact form today.

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