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Affordable Quality Carpet Fitted in Tamworth

Living in Tamworth doesn’t always provide us with lots of choices when it comes to finding just the right carpet services to improve our homes at a cost that is affordable and with a high standard we’ve come to expect.

This is especially true when it comes to arranging for new carpet to be fitted in our home.

We look around our local Tamworth area and our options seem limited to the large corporations that have no choice but to add to our bill the additional charges needed to cover their overheads for expensive showrooms and commission-based sales staff.

Well you may not have realised it but for 30 years you’ve had on your doorstep one of the most recommended carpet repair and fitting specialists in Tamworth who have made it their mission to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction at an amazing price.

Here are 5 super brief reasons why you should definitely give Carpet Surgeon a call for your new carpet and fitting service in Tamworth:

Reason 1:  You Don’t Pay for Corporate Overheads

Carpet Surgeon is a local Tamworth company with very small running costs and travel expenses. They’ve sourced quality carpet manufacturers for reasonable prices and always pass these savings on to their customers. This means that the price you receive for your new carpet and professional fitting doesn’t have those pesky hidden costs that pay for showrooms and sales staff.

The same rule applies for any needed underlay, accessories and grippers for your carpet fitting. You’ll receive the best quality and at the price you expect.

Reason 2:  We’ll Bring the Showroom to You

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If you like the experience of browsing (smelling and touching) new carpets in a showroom then you won’t miss out with Carpet Surgeon.

We have a huge range of samples that we can bring to your home, at a time that suits you. So not only can you enjoy a personalised service in the comfort of your own home in Tamworth, but you can actually see how the carpet colours and textures will match up to your current décor (avoiding any accidental mismatches that you’ll regret immediately after fitting).

And if you can’t find the colour or style you had in mind in our collection, then don’t worry– we’ll actually go out and find it for you, or if you prefer you can purchase it yourself. We are still happy to provide you with a top class carpet fitting service. 

Reason 3: Avoid Unnecessary Carpet Replacement with Cost Effective Solutions

As one of your local Tamworth neighbours, we’re just as interested in getting the best deal as you are.

That’s why we’d never push you to have the most expensive option but work with your budget to recommend the best carpet style and material for your needs.

In fact, we can even save you the cost of a whole carpet replacement if you don’t actually need it using our expert carpet repair service which can transform you existing carpet back into its former glory (see examples here).

We can also deliver a whole package of carpet fitting and repair service on the same day – so that each room will look like it’s had new carpet, and all at a time convenient for you and your busy schedule.

Reason 4: Supporting Your Local Economy, Not Lining Corporate Pockets

What better reason to use Carpet Surgeon’s highly recommended carpet fitting service than to support your local economy in Tamworth – not send your hard earned cash to line the pockets of international shareholders.

Why not join these well known Tamworth businesses who have also decided to use Carpet Surgeon for their local carpet fitting and repair needs.

Reason 5: Guaranteed Quality Service with Local Tamworth Recommendations

It’s not just great choices of carpet that we offer at Carpet Surgeon, but our expert fitters with their friendly, warm and helpful service will leave you glad you used a local Tamworth carpet fitter with genuine recommendations that you can see for yourself here.

Our goal at Carpet Surgeon is to make sure that our Tamworth neighbours receive only the very best personalised, home carpet purchase and fitting service at a price that suits them.

So don’t forget to see what other people said about our services and view our gallery of expert carpet fitting and repairs!

For a quick and convenient appointment, feel free to call our Tamworth number on 01827 261782 or drop us an email today.

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