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Strike while the iron is hot – Case Study

There’s an old expression which states that you should “strike while the iron is hot.” This roughly means that when an opportunity to do something presents itself you should do it before that chance has gone. With that in mind, here’s a case study of Carpet Surgeon and what happened when a customer acted decisively and contacted the team to perform an iron burn repair in Tamworth before the opportunity was lost.

Carpet Surgeon were contacted via their page on the Tamworth Herald website, where the problem was explained in detail to ensure the best possible service. Whilst doing the ironing in the lounge the customer had accidentally knocked their iron onto their carpet which had been fitted some three weeks previous. Within seconds of the iron falling off its board the carpet unfortunately began to burn and melt. The carpet cost almost £1000 and, after enquiring with their insurance company, the customer was dismayed to learn that they were not covered for accidental damage.

Fortunately, iron burn repairs are one of Carpet Surgeon’s specialities and they were quick to reassure the customer they would be happy to help with their problem. After realising there was only a small piece of spare carpet from the original fitting (which had been laid inside a storage cupboard), the team loaded the van and popped out to assess the situation first-hand.

Having arrived at the customer’s house it quickly became apparent that the iron had not only damaged the carpet but the underlay beneath too. Thanks to the expertise of Carpet Surgeon’s team this didn’t provide too many problems and before long the damaged area of carpet (and underlay) had been removed to leave an area measuring approximately 9” x 6” bare. After discussions with the customer it was agreed that the aforementioned piece of carpet in the storage room could be removed and used for the repair.

(here it’s worth noting that Carpet Surgeon later replaced the storage room carpet with a piece similar in quality, colour and appearance, one which had been sourced prior to the team attending to the job).

Once the damaged patch of carpet had been successfully removed, the team set about doing what they do best: making nearly-new carpets look as good as possible. The burned underlay was soon replaced, cut back and sealed to ensure the carpet could be slotted into place seamlessly. Once that had been achieved the ‘donor’ piece of carpet was cut to size and inserted into the space where the iron had fallen. Using a specialist trade tape and adhesive, the team bonded the two carpets together and began the important blending process. After a period of around one hour blending and shearing the pile it was as if the iron burn had never occurred; the repair had been a huge success and the team could be proud of a job well done.

As one might expect, the customer was delighted with the results, not least because Carpet Surgeon’s expertise had saved her a substantial amount of money without compromising the quality, look and feel of the carpet. It was explained to her that once the adhesives had been given the adequate time to ‘go off’ the carpet could be vacuumed as normal and – should it ever be required – could even be professionally cleaned. The iron burn repair was permanent and didn’t negate the quality of the carpet.

This particular customer struck while the iron was hot and took the opportunity to make the most of Carpet Surgeon’s expertise. So, if you find yourself in a similar predicament why not strike while the iron is hot yourself?  Give Carpet Surgeon a call and take advantage of their iron burn repair service in Tamworth. You will not be disappointed!