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Why one business decided “only Carpet Surgeon will do” for their carpet repairs

Picture this; there is a great new business venture and it is starting to grow. The business owner is meeting with more clients and now needs a professional place of work. An office that is modern, appealing and that says “we care about your opinion.” Now, would that business choose a tired office space with worn, damaged carpets? You know the answer to that question.
carpet-surgeon-case-studies_02Like many smart organisations, Warwickshire County Council Innovation Centre also understands the importance of image. Their centre offers accommodation to businesses looking to operate in a professional workspace. So they know that unless their offices look exceptional, no business will feel comfortable relocating there. Yet what is the biggest telltale of a worn out office space?

You got it. The carpets. We have all seen them. Coffee stains, great dents from overloaded filing cabinets, huge worn patches from chair wheels and let’s not forget the everyday wear and tear of smart office shoes dragging in remnants of the British weather. Any budget line would suffer if it had to continually replace carpet, so what would the Innovation Centre do to create a presentable office space for new businesses without breaking the bank?

An innovative solution for the Innovation Centre

The recommendation came just in time. Carpet Surgeon ticked all the boxes; experts in commercial repair, quick, reliable and best of all, cost effective.

The centre’s carpet repair needs were answered!  But there was a problem. The spare carpet tiles the Innovation Centre had previously bought had run out, and what’s more, they were now discontinued.  Would the Innovation Centre have no choice but to replace all the carpets? As always, Carpet Surgeon had the solution.

Years of experience and knowledge in the flooring industry meant that Carpet Surgeon were able to quickly find an almost identical match for the existing carpet tiles and help the centre avoid making any large costly replacements.  Celebrations all round!

With a great solution in hand, Carpet Surgeon set to work expertly replacing the worn out sections of carpet. The results were fantastic.  With the offices decorated and the carpets looking like new, the tenants were excited to move in.

Why stop with just carpets?

Unsurprisingly, Warwickshire County Council Innovation Centre took no time in re-contacting Carpet Surgeon when it came to a new project; renovating their breakout area into a small café bistro. This time it wasn’t carpet they wanted. They required a quality vinyl flooring to be supplied and fitted. As flooring specialists, Carpet Surgeon’s skills do not just end with carpets. Their skilled workers swiftly fitted the practical vinyl flooring for the café and at a reasonable price.


Like many of Carpet Surgeons commercial clients, Warwickshire County Council Innovation Centre soon realised that Carpet Surgeon did not simply remove worn-out carpet, it was much more than that. They removed unnecessary stress, unprofessional image, additional expense and wasted time. Carpet Surgeon instead replaced it with a reliable flooring service and complete customer satisfaction.

That is why Carpet Surgeon are now the preferred commercial repair contractor for Warwickshire County Council Innovation Centre who know that ‘only Carpet Surgeon will do’ for their commercial repair needs.

Just like the Innovation Centre, many commercial clients recognise the benefits of using Carpet Surgeon’s expert service and it makes sense for you to be one of them. Find out more about their service for businesses and organisations or contact them direct for your no hassle carpet repair solution.