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Case Study: Drayton Manor Hotel Commercial Carpet Repair

Drayton Manor Hotel is a 4-star facility set within 280 acres of lakes and parkland that was once the home of Sir Robert Peel. Because of its proximity to Drayton Manor Park, Thomas Land and Drayton Manor Zoo it’s the perfect place to rest up before or after a fun day out with all the family. It was therefore a source of pride when we were asked to pay the hotel a visit to assess problems with some of the carpets fitted in 2011 when the hotel was built.

The first step in this type of commercial carpet repair was to visit the site with their Head of Maintenance to identify the specific problems the team there were experiencing; the more information we are given the better able we are to perform our outstanding service. Drayton Manor Hotel boasts some 150 bedrooms and the vast majority of these rooms had stretched carpets which had the effect of creating ‘air bubbles’ and unsightly lumps and bumps. Often it’s the case that we’re able to smooth out these bubbles, making the carpet look as good as new, but in this instance each of the rooms had extensive furniture fitted after the carpets had been laid meaning the bubbles had nowhere to travel.

After our team at Carpet Surgeon gave it some thought we decided that the best step forward was to cut around the fitted furniture to release the bubbles. We wanted to ensure that the bubbles didn’t return at a later date and felt the best way to achieve this was to first adhere the underlay to the subfloor and then adhere the carpet to the underlay; this would create a ‘double-stick installation’ thus permanently solving the problem.

After considering our proposed solution, the maintenance team at Drayton Manor Hotel agreed that this was the best way forward and so we set about performing the repairs. Despite the fact that not all of the 150 rooms were affected we agreed that it made sense to carry out our prescribed solution in every room over a number of months in case the problem occurred in other rooms at a later date.

As with any proposed solution, it makes sense to test the theory on a couple of rooms to see whether it achieves the desired results. With that in mind we performed our repairs on a couple of rooms and were delighted to see that the problem was solved quickly and easily.

The fact that the hotel was (and still is) operational meant that we had to rigorously schedule the repairs to ensure they were carried out at a time when the room wasn’t occupied. This meant that Drayton Manor Hotel wouldn’t lose any custom through our repairs and also meant we could give adequate care and attention to the repairs.

Since then we’ve been in the continuous process of demonstrating our carpet repair expertise at times and dates convenient to Drayton Manor Hotel. We take huge amounts of pride in the services we offer and the fact that we managed to achieve the desired result with the minimal of fuss and complications is a huge boost to us. Over the next few weeks and months we’ll carry out the procedures to each of the affected rooms and we’ll have yet another satisfied customer.

So, if you’re looking for commercial carpet repairs then look no further than Carpet Surgeon; we aim to solve any and all problems at reasonable cost and without disrupting the services your business provides. Contact us today to see how we can help with your commercial carpet repair needs!