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Carpet Surgeon Micro shears for the BBC

Carpet Surgeon micro shears to save carpet after a protective covering destroys the soft furnishing

Here at Carpet Surgeon we are used to dealing to problems with soft floorings all the time. Instead of having to pay an extremely large fee replacing a carpet, we help you install some love back into an old furnishing and reliving the moment you first bought it, helping you save money and be environmentally friendly!

This month we were contacted by the BBC after they’d been filming at a beautiful house in Manchester, however got into a spot of bother once the filming was over.

When the BBC goes into a location, such as somebody’s house to film they always cover up the carpets with a low tack polythene protector, which they use on most shoots without a problem. This protector means that the carpets don’t get damaged on shoot and that the filming crew coming in and out don’t have to waste time constantly removing and putting on footwear.

However, this time the protector did exactly the opposite. When the polythene was lifted for some reason it also started to lift the carpet pile leaving behind it on appearance an uneven finish with different pile heights and sprouting threads from the carpet.

The BBC then found us online and gave us a call to see if there was any way we could fix the problem and not cause any grief to the home owners and the BBC who would have to shell out a small fortune for a new carpet.

We made our way to Manchester to visit the site having already suggested the idea of micro shearing the carpet, which includes trimming down the tufts of carpet and threads so that they are all the same length and didn’t make the carpet look messy and uneven- the way the protector had left it when it was removed from the flooring.

The BBC made sure that this was ok with the homeowners and we made an appointment to go out and fix the carpet!

Never fear the carpet surgeon is here!

On attending at the property it was assessed that micro shearing was the best solution and after around three hours of painstakingly going over the areas we were able to bring back the carpet to it’s full glory much to the happiness of the homeowner and saving the TV license payer a considerable amount of money.

If you need a carpet fixing due to a bad experience with a home protector or for any of your commercial or domestic soft flooring needs get in touch today, and The Carpet Surgeon can come to your rescue. If you intend to keep your carpets full size this year, contact Paul at Carpet Surgeon on: 01827 261782 or tel:07899992424


Alternatively email Carpet Surgeon doesn’t clean the carpets, but we can always recommend an established local carpet cleaner, Cathedral ChemDry.


Giving commercial carpets a new lease of life with carpet stretching

As carpet and soft flooring experts with more than 30 years of experience, we specialise in all forms of commercial carpet repair.

If your commercial carpet is damaged, worn or wrinkled, that doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be replaced. At Carpet Surgeon, we are experts when it comes to making carpets look as good as new, for a fraction of the overall cost of replacing your carpets.

No job is too big and we have a long list of customers who come to us for their commercial carpet repair or professional carpet fitting in Birmingham and surrounding areas.

This includes Anchor Computer Systems Ltd in Barnt Green, Birmingham, who recently contacted Carpet Surgeon because their office carpets needed some serious attention.

Smooth wrinkles and bumps with carpet stretching

When we visited Anchor Computer Systems Ltd to assess the situation, we found that the existing carpets fitted five years ago had rucked and bubbled badly, to the extent that it had become a health and safety risk in some areas.

Upon closer inspection, our expert technicians found that the carpets had been loose laid on to acoustic sound-reducing tiles. Over time and due to the moving of office furniture etc, this had led to the carpets significantly lifting and wrinkling.

The only option was to take the carpets up, re-stretch them and professionally refit for a lasting, smooth and wrinkle-free finish with no trip hazards.

Carpet stretching is a delicate process as the existing carpets have to be lifted without causing damage, stretched using the appropriate tools and expertise and then professionally re-laid to avoid further movement and bagging.

We made sure the carpets were fully-adhered to the acoustic sound-reducing tiles so that the offices could take full advantage of the benefits of acoustic carpets.

Professional carpet fitting Birmingham

Professional carpet fitting is key to maximising the lifetime of your carpets. If carpets are not fit professionally, they will be liable to lift, fray and ripple.

Professional fitting starts from the ground up. Having a smooth, level floor and appropriate underlay is vital to the longevity of the carpet – and this includes being mindful of any acoustic carpets or tiles.

Our experienced carpet technicians are experts in all areas of sub-floor, underlay, acoustic carpets, carpets and soft flooring and will ensure that your carpet is fit to last, first time.

Commercial carpet fitting Birmingham with minimum disruption

When it comes to the carpets in your business, whether that’s an office, hotel, restaurant, retail outlet, cinema or other, it pays to get the job done right from the outset. You’ll want your carpet to look great and stand the test of time to ensure you get value for money.

With Carpet Surgeon you get that high level of skill and professional workmanship. You will also benefit from our excellent customer service.

We know that time is money in business and having carpets repaired or a new carpet fitted can be inconvenient to the day to day running of things. That’s why we will go the extra mile to ensure the work is carried out with minimum disruption.

At Anchor Systems Ltd, for example, the offices are extremely busy during the normal working week and the repair work would have been too disruptive to the business at that time. For that reason, we undertook the work over the weekend, ready for business to continue as usual on Monday.

Whether it’s routine or urgent commercial carpet repair in Birmingham or surrounding areas, Carpet Surgeon can help.

If your commercial carpet is damaged or needs a new lease of life, contact Carpet Surgeon experts for more information.




Repairing a burn in a carpet: The great carpet burn mystery

With over 30 years of experience in the soft flooring trade, there’s not much we haven’t seen when it comes to carpet repairs. Although the wide variety of carpets and floorings now available means every job is different, it’s usually clear how the damage was caused.

However, that was not the case with a recent customer who contacted us to repair a mystery carpet burn.

The customer had a burn in their dining room carpet the size of a golf ball, but couldn’t explain what had caused it or how it got there.

Despite repeated denials from the children – and even the cleaner! – the customer assumed someone must have caused it, perhaps without even realising it at the time.

We made an appointment to repair the carpet burn and when we arrived on site we were amazed to discover not one, but now three separate burn marks on different areas of the carpet!

This time though, the mystery had been solved. The family had recently bought new dining furniture with glass and mirrored legs, but it wasn’t until they repositioned it in the room for a dinner party that they realised it was actually their new table that was responsible for the burn.

Depending on where the dining suite was positioned in the room, it would reflect sunlight off the legs onto the carpet, causing it to burn. Because the set had been moved around the room repeatedly, different areas of the carpet had been scorched.

Maintaining carpets

Our experts repaired the carpet and made it look as good as new, but the customer was left with the dilemma as to how to stop it from happening again. They’ll either have to keep the blinds or curtains closed when the sun’s out, reposition the table permanently away from the sun’s rays, or consider getting new furniture. Otherwise we may end up back there carrying out more repairs.

This case study highlights the many factors you have to be aware of when it comes to maintaining carpets. We’re all super careful with things like red wine and irons etc, but who’d have thought your dining room furniture would cause carpet burns?!

Fixing a carpet burn

The customer did the right thing by calling us though. Burns are often exempt from insurance policies and replacing a whole carpet for the sake of one (or three!) scorch marks is an expensive business.

Repairing a burn in a carpet will usually require a patch, but don’t worry, you won’t be left with a patchwork effect and your carpet will look good as new afterwards.

The process is quick, easy and low cost.

We are experts in carpet burn repairs and will get your carpet repaired in a cost-effective manner, at a time convenient to you. Contact our expert team to find out more about carpet burn repair.

Case Study: Urgent Home Carpet Fitting In Time for a Big Event

You’ve spent months planning and arranging that classy dinner party celebration at your home and now the date is almost here. Soon you’ll be enjoying a glass of prosecco with close friends as all the arrangements start to come together nicely.


That was until you looked down… and realised that your previously beautiful and welcoming carpet has over the years, completely changed colour to a depressing greyish brown. It’s tatty and overly worn sections now make it a better fit for the neighbours skip down the road.

Little did you realise how much your aging carpet could undermine all your hard work. Is it possible for have new carpets fitted urgently in time for your big event

Urgent Carpet Fitting In Time for Christmas Day

That was the experience of one of Carpet Surgeon’s clients who had planned a cosy festive Christmas dinner party, only to be faced with a number of dingy carpets in the lounge and guest bedroom that depicted a completely different atmosphere.

Aware that larger carpet fitting corporations would no doubt charge extra for new carpet and fittings in the holiday season and so close to Christmas day, the client decided to take their search to the internet to find a local carpet fitter with a reputation that could be relied upon.

That searched turned up Tamworth’s most respected Carpet Fit and Repair service – Carpet Surgeon.

Surprising New Carpet Savings and Solutions

Knowing the tight deadline and importance of the request, Carpet Surgeon agreed to visit the clients home as soon as possible and brought along a range of great carpet samples for the client to view and match to their current décor.

Explaining the differences between each carpet style, material, durability and comfort, Carpet Surgeon was able to help the client decide on the most appropriate carpet to suit their needs.

Following an assessment of the guest bedroom, Carpet Surgeon found that the carpet could be transformed with just a few repairs – saving the client costs on a whole carpet replacement that wasn’t yet required and providing the best value solution to the clients needs.

But this solution wasn’t the only surprise that please the client; Carpet Surgeon then scheduled a complete refit with the new ordered carpet, underlay, accessories AND carpet repairs to be carried out just before Christmas day using their own expert carpet repair and fit specialists.

Amazed at the rapid response and extremely professional and friendly service of Carpet Surgeon during such a busy time impressed the client who felt that Carpet Surgeons urgent carpet fitting service deserved a 5 star recommendation on Facebook for making sure that their home celebration not only happened on time, but looked amazing too.

So if you’re in need of a fantastic new carpet and with an urgent but professional fitting in time for you next home event – then look no further than your friendly carpet fitting specialists, Carpet Surgeon.


The Red Carpet Standard in Carpet Repair

Hollywood stars are used to having the red carpet rolled out for them but these days we all want a little bit of that Hollywood glamour.  So going to see a movie is no longer just about watching on a big screen but the whole cinematic experience.

AMC Cinemas know this and continuously strive to improve what they offer to their customers to ensure that their huge sixteen-screen multiplex is the finest cinema experience available.

Their passion for film and being the best means that no detail is overlooked, so when AMC Cinemas Manchester noticed that the carpets in their screen rooms were coming loose they knew that they needed urgent repair.  But who should they call upon to do the work?

A Trusted Recommendation

When choosing a professional to do a job for you the very best that you can hope for is a recommendation from someone that you trust.

The facilities manager at AMC Cinemas Birmingham* previously had similar repair work done by Carpet Surgeon and without hesitation was able to make a recommendation knowing what an excellent job they would perform.

Red Carpet Results

Carpet Surgeon assessed the carpets and then made good the carpet seams in the screen rooms restoring its previous smart appearance and avoiding any potential trip hazards.  Carpet Surgeon also worked their magic on other areas of wear and tear in the public foyer area of the cinema.

The superb workmanship was obvious and AMC Cinema knew that they could trust the opinion of the Carpet Surgeon so a lasting relationship has formed between AMC Cinema and Carpet Surgeon over the years.

On occasion the carpets were beyond repair so Carpet Surgeon were asked to recommend a suitable replacement floor covering which they then supplied and fitted to an exceptional standard in line with the high expectations of AMC Cinema.

In order to keep uniformity throughout the cinema the carpets of the long corridors to the ladies and gents washrooms were replaced along with the entrances to some of the screens.  Since then some of the offices and the main foyer have undergone the same makeover to keep them looking ‘Hollywood Glam’.

5***** Customer Confidence

Any owner of a busy public space will know that repair and replacement is not a one-off thing but an ongoing concern.  Carpet Surgeon are proud to have built the trusted reputation and business relationship with AMC Cinemas to enable them to always deliver the glitz their movie fans have come to expect.

If you have carpets that are letting you down and no longer looking their best give Carpet Surgeon a call on 01827 261782.

Every carpet situation is different but you can count on the expertise of Carpet Surgeon to give you a free assessment and then roll out their red carpet service for you too.

*AMC Cinema Birmingham has since been taken over by Odeon.

Flexible Repair Options for Charity Needs

Charities have plenty of considerations when it comes to spending their limited budgets on services;

  • Will they get good value for money?
  • Is it the most cost effective option?
  • Is the purchase an appropriate use of charity money?
  • Will the service providers be reliable and supportive of charity needs?

That’s why whenever Carpet Surgeon receive a request for carpet repair services from a charity, it’s clear they are in need of a reliable service that offers only the very best value for money.

This was the case for Heart Care (Walsall Cardiac Rehabilitation Trust), a Midlands charity that works to help people prevent and recover from heart and lung disease.

Their specialist rehabilitation centre had been fitted with new carpets around 12-18 months prior to contacting Carpet Surgeon, but the carpets were already showing signs of badly rucked areas that required a cost effective solution. 

Risking Clients and Reputations

Carpet Surgeon’s site visit to Heart Care’s rehabilitation centre immediately identified that the carpets were loose and protruding excessively in several areas.

Further examination revealed that the original adhesive had broken down and had failed to hold the carpets in place, resulting in excessive movement that would rapidly see the quality of the carpet diminish. Any subsequent cleaning, or general wear and tear would then only work to exasperate the issue further.

It was obvious to all that not only did the appearance undermine the professional care service of the charity but it also caused a significant trip hazard and risky environment for the already vulnerable patients attending the centre for heart and lung rehabilitation.

Offering Flexible Costs and Solutions

Understanding the restrictive nature of the charity budget, but knowing the importance the charity would place on providing a safe and comfortable care environment, Carpet Surgeon offered the Heart Care charity 2 options to support their needs.

The first option:  A highly affordable, cost effective fix that could be implemented to deal with the current carpet bumps and separations. This would ensure that each carpet ruck would be smoothed out by injecting adhesives directly into the problem area; offering a quick but short term solution.

The second option: A more permanent fix that would require an uplift of the entire carpet area, involving a re-stretch and then to fully adhere all sections back with correct adhesives, offering a safer, long-term solution but for a higher cost.

Preventing Disruptions to Charity Services

With a preference on a safer, more durable long-term solution, Heart Care requested Carpet Surgeon carry out the work required for the second option.

This would involve increased work for Carpet Surgeon to clear all furniture from the necessary rooms before the carpets could be uplifted, realigned and fitted back down correctly.

Knowing how disruptive this process would be to the beneficiaries using the centre, Carpet Surgeon’s helpful team agreed to carry out all work during the weekend when the centre was not in operation.

Going to Great Lengths For Complete Satisfaction

To minimise cost and disruption, Carpet Surgeon’s expert team worked quickly to carefully enable a seamless uplift and reposition of the Heart Care centre carpet within 2 days, allowing the centre to be fully operational again on Monday to avoid any service cancellations.

The new relayed carpet and adhesive application worked to transform the previously hazardous floor to a safe, durable carpet that reflected the professional care provided by the charity.

Needless to say, Heart Care were delighted with the service and lengths that Carpet Surgeon were willing to go to provide an ideal service for their charity requirements; and Carpet Surgeon were more than happy to be provide expert carpet services for the worthwhile purpose of the heart rehabilitation centre.

If your charity can benefit from the extra efforts and services1 provided by Carpet Surgeon including their expert carpet repairs2 for wear and tear, then why not obtain your most cost effective options by contacting3 Carpet Surgeon today on 01827 261 782.




Case Study: Carpet Surgery for a Top Solihull Hotel

Solihull: deemed the best place to live1 in England, 2nd in the UK in 2015 and boasting some of the finest award-winning hotels in the country.

One of those hotels is St. John’s, a luxury hotel at the centre of the town and part of the PH Hotels inspirational hotel collection.  Understandably then, with such high expectations the hotel has a reputation to uphold.

St. John’s Hotel is a leading conference venue and popular luxury place to stay so when the dining room carpet started to show signs of lumps and bumps it was a matter to be dealt with urgently.

Carpet Surgeon is experienced in repairing carpets for other prestigious clients and was approached for advice by St. John’s Hotel.

Assessing the Problem

A dining room carpet in a busy hotel has to withstand a lot.  Frequent food and drink spills require regular cleaning.

Carpet Surgeon determined that over time the steam cleaning that the carpet inevitably required had caused the water-based carpet adhesives to break down.

Hotel Carpet Repair

The heavy foot traffic over these loosened areas then caused bubbling and rucking in the carpet that not only undermined the appearance of the hotel, but could cause potential health and safety problems.

Finding an Effective Repair Solution

When small sections of carpet become loose it is possible to inject the bubbled areas with adhesive and re-stick them.  However Carpet Surgeon advised that due to the large area involved and the likely result of future steam cleaning the best option would be to lift the entire carpet.

Did that mean that an expensive new carpet had to be laid?  No.  Carpet Surgeon was able to take up the carpet and separate it from the underlay eliminating any bubbles between the two layers.


The underlay and carpet were then separately re-adhered to the floor, just as a new carpet would be laid, producing a smooth and flat surface once again.

Keeping up Appearances with Great Results

The experience Carpet Surgeon has in dealing with an array of carpet issues resulted in an excellent outcome for St. John’s Hotel.

They know that for a luxury hotel in a prime location they cannot let their standards drop.  The speedy and cost effective service from Carpet Surgeon meant that the hotel was able to avoid a potential health and safety issue and maintain the luxury feel of their hotel brand without incurring unnecessary expense.

If you have problems with your carpets contact Carpet Surgeon2 for a consultation.

Take a look at the gallery3 and other case studies4 showing how Carpet Surgeon delivered excellent service with minimal disruption at a reasonable cost in many varied situations.



Carpet Perfect for Surprise Hotel Inspection

Sunday evening.

At a time when most people are finishing their dinner or finding a nice cosy spot on the sofa to watch TV, we were busy making the final finishing touches to carpet repairs and carefully packing away our tools.

It had been a hectic day, but this Sunday evening we’d achieved something we could be proud of. Something our customer would later describe as ‘incredibly impressive.’

Reputations and Inspections

It began just 2 days ago when The Stuart, Best Western Hotel in Derby contacted us with an urgent request.

The city centre 4 star rated hotel with a reputation for modern décor and contemporary appeal was a popular choice for visitors to the city and as a result of heavy foot traffic in public areas, had sustained premature wear and tear to the carpet.

Management staff at the hotel always hold a strong desire to keep the hotel’s appearance welcoming for customers and to maintain its standing as a popular accommodation for visitors to the city, so they decided that carpet repairs would need to be arranged promptly.

However, it wasn’t until a surprise communication on a busy Friday afternoon that the hotel knew that ‘prompt’ wasn’t soon enough; a more urgent solution to this issue was now required.

A hotel inspection had been scheduled to take place… that Tuesday.

With a busy weekend looming and a whole hotel to attentively prepare for scrutiny, it seemed like any hope of restoring the worn sections of carpet in time would be an impossibility.

Until a Google search provided a potential solution.

An Urgent Request

We received the request for carpet repairs from The Stuart Hotel soon after they had been notified of the inspection.

With only 3 days available before the inspection, we made arrangements to visit the hotel on the Saturday to inspect the damaged carpet and provide a quotation for repairs.

Although the overall carpet was in a generally good condition, sections of damage in public areas were noticeable with seams coming apart in the bar, restaurant and corridor areas.

Frayed sections of carpet near doorways presented a future health and safety hazard if not rectified, as did carpet that had started to separate from the stairs.

It was becoming apparent that if this Hotel was to receive an impeccable inspection report, these carpet repairs would need the expertise of Carpet Surgeon.

There was a problem however.

It was Saturday, and we had a full schedule of work commitments on Monday.

This left one free day to carry out all necessary repairs… Sunday.

Inspection Ready in Record Time

Determined Carpet Surgeon would provide a professional and exceptional service to support the staff at The Stuart, we rallied all the help we could with our expert team of carpet repair specialists and scheduled in a busy day of activity for Sunday; ready for inspection on the Tuesday.

With a bright and early start that Sunday morning, the Carpet Surgeon workforce diligently set to work re-patching, re-tufting and rejuvenating the hotel’s carpet until it was returned it is former glory; transforming the public areas once again into a pristine contemporary space.

Working quickly and quietly to avoid disrupting hotel guests and employees, the long list of repairs were finally completed in the early evening.

Hotel management were thrilled to see the transformation which not only saved them extra costs from replacing whole sections of carpet, but also prepared them to receive the scheduled inspection in a short time frame.

With just 2 days notice, a busy day of work on a Sunday and a commitment to professionalism, Carpet Surgeon were able to provide complete customer satisfaction and were satisfied that whatever happens, at least the carpets would pass the inspection.

For more examples of how Carpet Surgeon have gone above and beyond and provided excellent value for money with flooring solutions you can read more case studies here1.

If your business can benefit from Carpet Surgeon’s dedication to customer satisfaction then simply call us on 01827 261782 or email us2 and we’ll be happy to arrange for a quotation.




Taking Carpet Fitting to a Whole New Level

Taking Carpet Fitting to a Whole New Level


Business start-ups aren’t easy, especially when it comes to making sure the services you purchase provide good value for money.

No business likes to waste money. So it’s important to know that you’re getting the service you’ve paid for… but it’s even better when you get more than you expected.

When the owners of new venture, Blue Water Restaurant in Tamworth stood surveying their newly acquired premises, they also weren’t expecting to get more than they were promised.

A specific vision…

Their vision for their restaurant was clear. Together with an architect and designer, a concept had been created to restyle the restaurants existing décor to create the perfect look and ambience.

As the owners stood considering their options for new flooring, it occurred to them to contact a trustworthy local team that had previously supplied and fitted carpet for them. You got it; Carpet Surgeon.

Following a call from the main shareholders for a quote, Carpet Surgeon promptly arranged a visit to the new restaurant to work through the owners’ exact requirements and vision.

… within a specific budget

The owners knew the request for their flooring requirements wouldn’t be straightforward. They were in need of a specific colour to suit the overall style and it would need to be durable enough to withstand dirty shoes, dropped food and repetitive cleaning.

Carpet Surgeon clearly love a challenge; as soon as measurements were taken they set to work sourcing the most suitable carpet and materials. Working within the specified budget a quote was supplied and the contract awarded.

The designer was impressed with Carpet Surgeon’s ability to source the right colour and quality carpet that didn’t break the bank. Of course, being experts in carpet repairs, this wasn’t a difficult task for Carpet Surgeon.

But Carpet Surgeon doesn’t just offer a basic service to businesses; they become part of the team. Working to provide solutions and reduce expenses wherever possible.

Going above and beyond

Guaranteeing the best service with flooring isn’t just about fitting carpets. It’s about problem solving.

For Blue Water Restaurant, that problem came in the form of stairs. Stairs that led to the restrooms.


This meant not only excessive wear and tear but a potential health and safety issue. However Carpet Surgeon had the answer.

Much to the delight of the owners, they expertly arranged made-to-measure specialised stair nosing that they fitted to protect the carpet. This stair nosing also provided a slip resistant material for restaurant customers and met health and safety requirements.

We found a new problem; but it will save you money

Providing a service that not only saves time but money is music to the ears of any new business venture.

This was the case for owners of Blue Water Restaurant when Carpet Surgeon informed them that they could save nearly £2000 by simply repairing the main kitchen floor instead of replacing it.

Although the kitchen safety flooring had received some damage from the previous owners, Carpet Surgeon accurately determined that the majority of it was more than adequate and would not need replacing.

Using their expert skills in repairs, Carpet Surgeon refurbished the existing kitchen floor leaving it looking as fresh as if it was newly replaced.

At that moment, Blue Water Restaurant owners knew they had made the right decision by contacting Carpet Surgeon for their flooring needs.

After all, what other carpet company would source a specific colour, fit quality products, ensure health and safety measures and make cost-saving repairs; all within budget. These services and more resulted in the customers agreeing that “the décor was top-notch.” [Source: Trip Advisor].

So if you’re running a business and understand the importance of choosing a flooring specialist that provides expert services and value for money, then why not join smart businesses like Blue Water Restaurant and Harvey Nicholls [Edinburgh] in choosing Carpet Surgeon for your specific flooring requirements.


For further evidence of Carpet Surgeon’s expert repairs and satisfied customers, just visit the Carpet Surgeon – gallery and case studies, but don’t forget to contact them to find out how their teamwork can save you more than you expected.

Barnado’s Case Study – Carpet Repair

Barnado’s was founded in 1866 by Thomas John Barnado and has been helping to care for vulnerable children and young people ever since. The work they do is extremely important and so we were delighted to be asked to put our carpet repair expertise into practice. No job is too big or small for our professional and dedicated team but it was particularly pleasing to be able to offer our assistance to the UK’s largest children’s charity.

Our family-run business has been operating as a friendly carpet repair organisation from Tamworth, Birmingham for over 30 years and, along with many other services we offer, we are able to perform effective and affordable commercial supply and fit tasks up and down the country. This particular job was focussed around remedying the joints in some of Barnado’s carpets which were worn and fraying.

When we arrived at our destination we investigated the carpet and saw that we would be able to repair it without too much trouble. The main problem as far as we could tell was that there was no spare carpet to perform the repairs and mismatching carpets are an eyesore that prevent us from doing our absolute best commercial supply and fit repairs. We discovered that the staff kitchen had the same carpet as the one we’d been asked to repair and so we set about using that; it’s part of our remit to make repaired carpets look as good as new and by supplanting the damaged area with some of the same material with the same pattern we were confident we could do just that.

We set about repairing the joints to the carpet in the main room, ensuring that the parts that were worn and fraying were removed and then seamlessly replaced. Commercial supply and fit jobs are an important part of our business and so going over and above what might ordinarily be expected of a carpet repair organisation is something we do as standard: we don’t just want to be amongst the best in Tamworth, Birmingham; we want to be amongst the best in the whole UK. With that in mind we decided to supply and fit a new carpet in the staff kitchen.

That’s the beauty of commercial supply and fit jobs: every single one is different and you can never predict exactly what particular skills will be required to perform the task effectively. Solving problems is something we’ve become accustomed to over the years and the team at Barnado’s were extremely satisfied with the initial repair we performed. That we then supplied and fitted a new carpet their staff kitchen area only satisfied them further.

So if you’re a company in Tamworth, Birmingham or even further afield (our centralised location means that we’re able to travel across the UK quickly and conveniently) then get in touch with us today. Replacing carpets can be extremely costly and are often an unnecessary financial burden; repairing worn, fraying or damaged carpets so that they look as good as new is what we do best.

After performing the repairs and chatting with the staff we returned home leaving yet another satisfied customer with one carpet which looked as good as new and another which was new. Remember: “Don’t Despair, We Can Repair.”

Mission accomplished!