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Carpet Surgeon Micro shears for the BBC

Carpet Surgeon micro shears to save carpet after a protective covering destroys the soft furnishing

Here at Carpet Surgeon we are used to dealing to problems with soft floorings all the time. Instead of having to pay an extremely large fee replacing a carpet, we help you install some love back into an old furnishing and reliving the moment you first bought it, helping you save money and be environmentally friendly!

This month we were contacted by the BBC after they’d been filming at a beautiful house in Manchester, however got into a spot of bother once the filming was over.

When the BBC goes into a location, such as somebody’s house to film they always cover up the carpets with a low tack polythene protector, which they use on most shoots without a problem. This protector means that the carpets don’t get damaged on shoot and that the filming crew coming in and out don’t have to waste time constantly removing and putting on footwear.

However, this time the protector did exactly the opposite. When the polythene was lifted for some reason it also started to lift the carpet pile leaving behind it on appearance an uneven finish with different pile heights and sprouting threads from the carpet.

The BBC then found us online and gave us a call to see if there was any way we could fix the problem and not cause any grief to the home owners and the BBC who would have to shell out a small fortune for a new carpet.

We made our way to Manchester to visit the site having already suggested the idea of micro shearing the carpet, which includes trimming down the tufts of carpet and threads so that they are all the same length and didn’t make the carpet look messy and uneven- the way the protector had left it when it was removed from the flooring.

The BBC made sure that this was ok with the homeowners and we made an appointment to go out and fix the carpet!

Never fear the carpet surgeon is here!

On attending at the property it was assessed that micro shearing was the best solution and after around three hours of painstakingly going over the areas we were able to bring back the carpet to it’s full glory much to the happiness of the homeowner and saving the TV license payer a considerable amount of money.

If you need a carpet fixing due to a bad experience with a home protector or for any of your commercial or domestic soft flooring needs get in touch today, and The Carpet Surgeon can come to your rescue. If you intend to keep your carpets full size this year, contact Paul at Carpet Surgeon on: 01827 261782 or tel:07899992424


Alternatively email Carpet Surgeon doesn’t clean the carpets, but we can always recommend an established local carpet cleaner, Cathedral ChemDry.


Carpet Surgeon Saves the Day Again with Mishap Home Cleaning Solution

Rug Doctors and external hire home cleaning agents may seem like a cheaper alternative to a hired carpet specialist, however, in the long run the latter is the most cost effective way to get the job you required done, properly!

Our friendly, family run business has been dealing with the soft flooring industry for over 30 years and in this time we have witnessed one carpet disaster to another. Statistically, 9/10 calls we get are from people using home solutions and a well-known carpet cleaning hire machine, which actually leave their carpets in a worst state than they were originally.

The most common problem we see from these types of calls is the shrinking of carpet/ soft flooring. This happens when the ‘do it yourself’, machines are not operated properly and leave disastrous and sometimes costly results.

This happened to one local public house in Lichfield. The business was recently going under refurbishment. To keep cost down they hired a well-known carpet cleaner, however, as stated this didn’t operate properly and shrunk one of the carpets, forcing them to call a local carpet cleaners and resulted in them never getting the shrunken carpet fixed. Replacing the shrunken carpet and losing the initial money paid for the hired machine.

‘My Carpets Have Shrunk!’ Do not despair.

If you find yourself in a situation like this whether it is for commercial or domestic use there are other options you have a part from tossing the carpet and purchasing a new one. Shrunken carpets can nine times out of ten be fixed with the method of stretching them back. This is a service we offer and we will be happy to help you with.

If you need a carpet stretching due to a bad experience with a home carpet solution or for any of your commercial or domestic soft flooring needs get in touch today, and The Carpet Surgeon can come to your rescue. If you intend to keep your carpets full size this year, contact Paul at Carpet Surgeon on: 01827 261782 or email Carpet Surgeon doesn’t clean the carpets, but we can always recommend an established local carpet cleaner, Cathedral ChemDry.

Carpet Stretching and Fitting in Four Oaks

Have you just moved into the Four Oaks area? If the answer to this is yes, then hello from your local, family run soft flooring servicers! As part of the local community we offer services to those living in and around the Birmingham, Sutton and Tamworth area.

When moving into a new property there is a lot to think about. It takes time to get everything moved in, purchasing new furniture, re-doing the windows, setting up the broadband and then finding out there’s a problem with the gas or electric. If you’ve just moved into a new property and are keeping the soft furnishings let us handle one thing off your to-do list, we will get your carpet looking fresh and feeling new!

Older carpets can have bubbles and furniture imprints in them, to combat this we offer a carpet stretching service to remove any indentations, in turn sprucing up your house and turning it into a home.

For example, one new tenant we have recently seen in Four Oaks moved in to a beautiful house that use to have a piano situated in the drawing room. This was clear by the apparent dents in the carpet from the heavy instrument. The carpet was still beautifully kept and the home owners wanted to keep this in. First of all they thought about replacing the carpet, however couldn’t find a soft flooring that matched their requirements, on top of that they didn’t really feel like throwing out a perfectly good carpet for they sakes of a few indentations. This is where we step in.

No job is too big and will cost you a fraction of the price of buying new carpets or claiming on your house insurance! We can even recommend a local carpet cleaner in order to make the carpet really feel brand new! However, if you do purchase a new carpet or soft flooring we do also offer fitting to the highest possible standard!

If you need a carpet stretching due to imprints left by old tenants and live in Four Oaks and the surrounding areas, or you’ve had a rearrange in your home and the flooring needs a stretch – for any of your commercial or domestic soft flooring needs get in touch today, and The Carpet Surgeon can come to your rescue. If you intend to keep your carpets full size this year, contact Paul at Carpet Surgeon on: 01827 261782 or email Carpet Surgeon doesn’t clean the carpets, but we can always recommend an established local carpet cleaner, Cathedral ChemDry.

Giving commercial carpets a new lease of life with carpet stretching

As carpet and soft flooring experts with more than 30 years of experience, we specialise in all forms of commercial carpet repair.

If your commercial carpet is damaged, worn or wrinkled, that doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be replaced. At Carpet Surgeon, we are experts when it comes to making carpets look as good as new, for a fraction of the overall cost of replacing your carpets.

No job is too big and we have a long list of customers who come to us for their commercial carpet repair or professional carpet fitting in Birmingham and surrounding areas.

This includes Anchor Computer Systems Ltd in Barnt Green, Birmingham, who recently contacted Carpet Surgeon because their office carpets needed some serious attention.

Smooth wrinkles and bumps with carpet stretching

When we visited Anchor Computer Systems Ltd to assess the situation, we found that the existing carpets fitted five years ago had rucked and bubbled badly, to the extent that it had become a health and safety risk in some areas.

Upon closer inspection, our expert technicians found that the carpets had been loose laid on to acoustic sound-reducing tiles. Over time and due to the moving of office furniture etc, this had led to the carpets significantly lifting and wrinkling.

The only option was to take the carpets up, re-stretch them and professionally refit for a lasting, smooth and wrinkle-free finish with no trip hazards.

Carpet stretching is a delicate process as the existing carpets have to be lifted without causing damage, stretched using the appropriate tools and expertise and then professionally re-laid to avoid further movement and bagging.

We made sure the carpets were fully-adhered to the acoustic sound-reducing tiles so that the offices could take full advantage of the benefits of acoustic carpets.

Professional carpet fitting Birmingham

Professional carpet fitting is key to maximising the lifetime of your carpets. If carpets are not fit professionally, they will be liable to lift, fray and ripple.

Professional fitting starts from the ground up. Having a smooth, level floor and appropriate underlay is vital to the longevity of the carpet – and this includes being mindful of any acoustic carpets or tiles.

Our experienced carpet technicians are experts in all areas of sub-floor, underlay, acoustic carpets, carpets and soft flooring and will ensure that your carpet is fit to last, first time.

Commercial carpet fitting Birmingham with minimum disruption

When it comes to the carpets in your business, whether that’s an office, hotel, restaurant, retail outlet, cinema or other, it pays to get the job done right from the outset. You’ll want your carpet to look great and stand the test of time to ensure you get value for money.

With Carpet Surgeon you get that high level of skill and professional workmanship. You will also benefit from our excellent customer service.

We know that time is money in business and having carpets repaired or a new carpet fitted can be inconvenient to the day to day running of things. That’s why we will go the extra mile to ensure the work is carried out with minimum disruption.

At Anchor Systems Ltd, for example, the offices are extremely busy during the normal working week and the repair work would have been too disruptive to the business at that time. For that reason, we undertook the work over the weekend, ready for business to continue as usual on Monday.

Whether it’s routine or urgent commercial carpet repair in Birmingham or surrounding areas, Carpet Surgeon can help.

If your commercial carpet is damaged or needs a new lease of life, contact Carpet Surgeon experts for more information.




What to do if you need urgent carpet fitting for a wedding venue

Anyone in the wedding industry will appreciate how important it is for every element of a bride and groom’s big day to be perfect, right down to the finest detail.

If you operate a wedding venue, you’ll know that creating the best environment for that once-in-a-lifetime event is key to the success of your business.

This starts with providing the perfect setting for the wedding to take place in. The ceremony room, function suite or marquee that will host a wedding is the foundation for the big day, from the lighting and décor to the curtains and carpets.

We count a number of hotels, retailers and leisure operators among our base of loyal customers, such as Drayton Manor Hotel, Best Western Hotels, Ramada Hotels, Harvey Nichols and Multiplex Cinemas. This means we are experts when it comes to carpet fitting for wedding venues.

A professional and flexible service for your commercial carpet fitting

When it comes to carpet fitting for wedding venues, we appreciate your need for flexibility and professionalism. Just as with any commercial carpet fitting, we work quickly and quietly and at hours to suit you, in order to avoid disruption to your business, its customers and employees.

This can sometimes mean working at evenings or weekends, outside normal hours, or at short notice. We recently fitted a carpet at Brook Marston Farm Hotel, near Sutton Coldfield, which had to be laid the evening before a wedding the next day. Not only did the job have to be completed in time, but it also had to be completed to the high standards expected of a luxury wedding venue.

If you have an urgent job, we will do our utmost to get it done in the time available, so make sure you get in touch with us straight away – even if you think it might be too late. As local carpet fitters, we are often able to accommodate your urgent requests, especially when there is a big event, such as a wedding, coming up.

Carpet fitting for weddings

At Carpet Surgeon, we supply, as well as fit, carpets and have a range of carpets to choose from to suit all tastes, budgets and requirements. Carpet fitting for wedding venues requires consideration being given to the material and durability of the carpet fitted, as well as the style and colour. There can be a lot of foot traffic when business is booming and areas with high footfall obviously need more durable carpets to last as long as possible.

Our expert advice, choice of carpets and carpet fitting service makes us the perfect one-stop shop for commercial carpet fitting. As was the case with the Brook Marston Farm Hotel, this enables us to offer a quick service with a quick turnaround where speed is of the essence.

Out of hours carpet fitting service

Carpet Surgeon is a popular choice among local businesses and we will always try to get the job done as quickly as we can. We are committed to supporting our fellow local businesses and providing complete satisfaction, so we will go above and beyond to meet your urgent requests where possible.

With more than 30 years of experience in professional carpet fitting and a ‘can do’ attitude, you can expect high standards from our team.

If you’re a wedding venue or other business with a need for an urgent but professional carpet fitting in time for a big event, then look no further than your local Tamworth carpet fitting specialists, Carpet Surgeon.


Luscious green grass to be proud of with our artificial lawn fitting service

It’s a busy time of year for our artificial lawn fitting service and our experts are currently working hard transforming the gardens of Tamworth into lush everlasting lawns.

This includes a recent artificial lawn fitting job in Glascote village, Tamworth, where we replaced a 70 square-foot section of turf with artificial grass.

Artificial grass looks amazing and is growing in popularity all the time. It’s becoming an increasingly common feature of gardens and sports pitches across Britain for a number of reasons, which you can read more about in our previous blog on the benefits of artificial grass.

The success of your new ever-lasting lawn does rely to a large extent on how it is installed and like many things, it pays to make sure the job is done professionally in the first place. We are experts when it comes to artificial grass – it’s basically just an outdoor carpet after all – and when you call us in for the job, you can rest assured that it will be done properly.

It doesn’t matter what shape your garden is and whether you need an edging border or not, we can install your artificial lawn for you.

Look at our artificial grass samples to help you decide

The design and manufacture of artificial grass has moved on significantly in recent years and you’ll be hard pushed to tell the difference between real and artificial lawns.

Artificial Grass Glascote village

There are now many different styles of artificial grass to choose from, and there are various considerations when it comes to choosing the right one for you.

As part of our artificial lawn fitting service in Glascote, Tamworth, and the surrounding areas, we will show you samples of the different styles available, combining different colour shades and textures for a natural looking effect.

We will also discuss your garden with you in detail for a perfect end result. No matter what style you choose, you’ll end up with a lawn that will continue to look as lush and vibrant as the day it was first installed.

Installing your artificial grass

The installation of your artificial grass needs a professional touch if it’s to stand the test of time. It’s important that the ground underneath is prepared correctly to make sure the new lawn doesn’t ripple or buckle over time.

We will take great care in that preparation during a meticulous process which involves lifting existing surfaces and assessing the exposed substrate. Hard-core, sharp sand and a weed membrane will then be used to make sure the surface is completely level before the artificial grass is laid. All these factors are a vital part of the process to ensure the drainage is good and that you’ll never have to weed your lawn again. There will be no gaps or visible seams and stepping out onto your new artificial grass lawn will be just like walking onto a carpet.

To take advantage of our artificial lawn fitting service and to discuss your garden in detail, contact Carpet Surgeon or call 01827 261782 for a quote.

Everything you need to know about professional carpet fitting in Tamworth

If you need a carpet fitting in Two Gates, or the wider Tamworth area, you’ve come to the right place. Carpet Surgeon are experts in carpets, with more than 30 years of experience in both carpet fitting and carpet repairs.

As a family-run business based in Tamworth, we have carpeted hundreds of homes throughout the area and business continues to grow through recommendation and word of mouth.

Lots of our new customers also find us on Google, but once they have used our professional services once, we often end up supplying, fitting or repairing their carpets for years to come.

If you need a carpet fitting in Tamworth, you might be wondering whether you should have a go at fitting the carpet yourself. With that in mind, here are a few reasons why it’s worth calling in the services of a local professional carpet fitter.

Long-lasting results

A new carpet represents a significant investment in your property and it has to last for several years. Carpets that are not fitted properly do not last long. Good carpet fitting requires the carpet to be stretched and fixed correctly for a smooth surface. This means executing edges and joins seamlessly for perfect, long-lasting results. Edges and joins that are not properly executed could fray and unravel, while the carpet itself could start to look shabby very quickly if it’s not fitted correctly.

Professional carpet fitting from the ground up

A well-fitted carpet starts with a well-prepared sub-floor. At Carpet Surgeon, we understand the different sub-floor types and ensure this is correctly prepared to provide the perfect foundation for your smooth finish. Without the correct underlay, your carpet could be susceptible to ridges and ripples appearing.

Minimise waste and reduce the cost

Professional carpet fitting begins with professional measuring up to minimise waste and reduce the cost. Especially if you have an odd-shaped room, professional measuring up can reduce the amount of carpet you need to buy.

A well-fitted carpet that looks great

It’s not just about laying a carpet, smoothing it out and fixing it. Professional carpet fitters also consider factors such as the pattern of the carpet and the direction of light. This can make a huge difference to the overall look of your carpet, especially where joins are concerned.

The correct tools for the job

Our professional carpet fitters know how to get the best out of your carpet and this includes having the right grippers, underlay and tools to ensure it stands the test of time.

Fast and affordable carpet fitting in Tamworth

Our professional carpet fitters will fit your new carpet quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption to your family or business. Our decades of experience mean we will be in and out in no time, leaving you with a beautifully-fitted carpet that looks great and will last.

Save money in the long run

You’ve probably spent hundreds of pounds on your new carpet and you may want to save money by fitting it yourself. However, by appointing a professional carpet fitter in Tamworth, you could save money in the long run. A well fitted carpet looks better and lasts longer. That’s not to mention if something goes wrong in the DIY measuring or fitting of your carpet.

Carpet Surgeon knows everything there is to know about making your carpet look the very best it can, no matter how much it costs.

We can also supply carpets for a one-stop convenient service and have a wide range to choose from to suit all tastes.

We deliver local craftmanship alongside friendly customer service. If you need a carpet fitting in Two Gates, or Tamworth, contact Carpet Surgeon or call us on 01827 261 782.

Why choose artificial grass this summer?

You may have gathered that we are experts in all things carpet, but did you know that our vast experience also extends to outdoor carpets? We’re talking of course about artificial grass.

We’re heading into our busiest time of year for installing artificial grass and we will spend the next few months turning the patchy, overgrown gardens of Tamworth into luscious bowling green style lawns.

The market for artificial grass is growing, particularly as manufacturing techniques and the quality of the product improve – it’s now often difficult to tell the difference between artificial and real grass, other than artificial grass looks much better.

At the same time our lives are getting busier and busier.

Imagine a world in which you don’t have to worry about finding time to mow the lawn every week, or having to water the grass when there’s a hosepipe ban, or weeding, or the invasion of the moss that’s rapidly taking over your garden? Sound like a world you want to be a part of?

We can turn this dream into a reality with our artificial grass laying service.

Why choose artificial grass?

  • Low maintenance – The main reason a lot of people choose artificial grass is time. With our increasingly busy lives many people just don’t have time for the constant mowing, watering, weeding and re-seeding your garden needs – especially if you want it to look good. Artificial gardens need nothing more than the occasional quick brush and spray.
  • Looks good all year round – No more feelings of guilt and dread when you notice your lawn has grown a foot in the last fortnight and looks like a meadow in comparison to next door’s perfectly manicured lawn. Artificial grass looks good all year round. You don’t need to worry about sun damage, shady spots, discolouration or anything. Your luscious green lawn will be the envy of your street and all you’ll have to worry about is where to put the deck chair.
  • Reduce your water bills – Artificial grass means no more daily watering of your lawn to keep it green during dry summers. Whether this is impacting your lawn because a hosepipe ban means you can’t water it, or it’s impacting your water bills because it needs constant irrigation, these are problems of the past with artificial grass.
  • Durability – If you have areas of constant use in your garden (think of that patch of mud underneath your child’s swing and slide set) artificial grass provides the perfect solution for an even covering of grass throughout your whole garden that can withstand high footfall.
  • Great for dogs – You may think an artificial lawn would not be suitable for dogs, but actually the opposite is true. It’s easy to clean, urine soaks through and it can’t be dug up. No more muddy paws traipsing through the recently-mopped kitchen.
  • Environmental benefits – Installing artificial grass can also have a positive impact in terms of the reduced use of pollutants such as petrol lawn mowers, pesticides and herbicides.

Why choose Carpet Surgeon for your artificial grass laying?

Installing artificial grass needs a professional touch if it’s to stand the test of time. We are experts in artificial grass laying, so not matter what shape your lawn, there will be no ripples, gaps or visible joins. You choose the look you want from our selection of turfs and we take care of the rest.

The process involves removing the existing turf and preparing the surface underneath using hardcore, sand and a weed membrane. It is vital to make sure the surface is even and the drainage good before laying the artificial grass on top. Good preparation means you’ll never have to weed your lawn again.

For an evergreen lawn you can be proud of, contact Carpet Surgeon or call us on 01827 261782 for a quote.

An easy and convenient way to carpet your whole house

Although we are experts in carpet repair and specialise in making your damaged carpet look good as new, there are times when a new carpet is required.

Did you know that we also offer carpet supply and carpet fitting services? We supply and fit carpets for your one stop convenient service. We have a range of carpets to choose from to suit all tastes and budgets. We will even come to your home for the selection process, so you can source a new carpet and arrange delivery and fitting without even leaving the house.

Whole house carpet fitting in Stonydelph, Tamworth

We’ve just carpeted a whole house for a customer who found us on Google when looking for carpet fitting services in Stonydelph, Tamworth.

Carpeting a whole house is a significant undertaking, but using Carpet Surgeon means you can get the whole process done from start to finish; as quickly as possible and with minimum disruption.

You may have recently moved to a new house, or you may just want to save money and time by getting tired carpets replaced in one go. Whether you want the same carpet throughout, or different carpets for different rooms – we can make sure the project is managed smoothly and efficiently.

Expert advice for your carpet choice

It’s fair to say that after 30 years in the industry, we know a lot about carpets. Because we also specialise in repair services, we know which carpets and fibres are best suited for different requirements.

Choosing a carpet is not just about picking one you like the look of. Some will last longer than others and some will be more hard-wearing than others, for example. Factors such as what the room is used for, how often you’re likely to vacuum, how much sunlight the room gets and so on, will all have a bearing on the best carpet choice.

Our expert team members can help you choose a carpet that meets your requirements and provides the best value for money.

Carpets to suit all tastes and budgets

We have carpets to suit all tastes, requirements and budgets. We can also advise you about, and source, any underlay, grippers and door strips you need to ensure you get the best out of your carpet for years to come.

Our service is also incredibly flexible. If you’ve seen another carpet elsewhere, that’s fine – we can either source it for you, or we’re equally happy for you to buy your carpets yourself and we can fit them for you.

Professional carpet fitting services

Whether you’re looking for professional carpet fitting services in Stonydelph, Tamworth, or the wider Staffordshire area, we will fit your carpets with skill, expertise and care.

Carpets only look their best if they are laid correctly, and our professional carpet fitters know how to do this from start to finish.

  • Measuring up – Professional carpet fitting starts with proper measuring up to minimise waste and reduce cost.
  • Preparation of the sub-floor – It is essential for your carpet fitter to understand different sub-floor types and to ensure this is correctly prepared if you want to achieve a perfectly smooth finish.
  • Fitting – The pattern of the carpet, the direction of light, pipework and any other features have to be taken into account when fitting a carpet. Carpet has to be stretched properly and fixed appropriately to achieve a smooth fit.
  • Edging – Carpet edges and joins need to be perfectly executed for long-lasting results. You don’t want obvious joins or edges that are likely to fray or unravel.

We pride ourselves on a high standard of work and excellent customer service. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your specific requirements for carpet fitting services in Stonydelph, Tamworth, Staffordshire and surrounding areas.                                

Repairing a burn in a carpet: The great carpet burn mystery

With over 30 years of experience in the soft flooring trade, there’s not much we haven’t seen when it comes to carpet repairs. Although the wide variety of carpets and floorings now available means every job is different, it’s usually clear how the damage was caused.

However, that was not the case with a recent customer who contacted us to repair a mystery carpet burn.

The customer had a burn in their dining room carpet the size of a golf ball, but couldn’t explain what had caused it or how it got there.

Despite repeated denials from the children – and even the cleaner! – the customer assumed someone must have caused it, perhaps without even realising it at the time.

We made an appointment to repair the carpet burn and when we arrived on site we were amazed to discover not one, but now three separate burn marks on different areas of the carpet!

This time though, the mystery had been solved. The family had recently bought new dining furniture with glass and mirrored legs, but it wasn’t until they repositioned it in the room for a dinner party that they realised it was actually their new table that was responsible for the burn.

Depending on where the dining suite was positioned in the room, it would reflect sunlight off the legs onto the carpet, causing it to burn. Because the set had been moved around the room repeatedly, different areas of the carpet had been scorched.

Maintaining carpets

Our experts repaired the carpet and made it look as good as new, but the customer was left with the dilemma as to how to stop it from happening again. They’ll either have to keep the blinds or curtains closed when the sun’s out, reposition the table permanently away from the sun’s rays, or consider getting new furniture. Otherwise we may end up back there carrying out more repairs.

This case study highlights the many factors you have to be aware of when it comes to maintaining carpets. We’re all super careful with things like red wine and irons etc, but who’d have thought your dining room furniture would cause carpet burns?!

Fixing a carpet burn

The customer did the right thing by calling us though. Burns are often exempt from insurance policies and replacing a whole carpet for the sake of one (or three!) scorch marks is an expensive business.

Repairing a burn in a carpet will usually require a patch, but don’t worry, you won’t be left with a patchwork effect and your carpet will look good as new afterwards.

The process is quick, easy and low cost.

We are experts in carpet burn repairs and will get your carpet repaired in a cost-effective manner, at a time convenient to you. Contact our expert team to find out more about carpet burn repair.