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Pet Damage Repairs

As anyone with a pet will tell you, having an animal around the house can be (and often is) a wonderful thing. In a 2013 study by the PFMA it was estimated that 13 million (or 45% of) households in the UK have pets. Rather surprisingly fish kept in tanks and ponds account for the top two most popular choices with dogs and cats coming in third and fourth respectively.

Now, there is minimal chance of fish causing any damage to a British household (even if they managed to escape the tank they’re only going to make your carpet wet), but for cats and dogs it’s another matter. Despite the well-documented loyalty of dogs and the barely-believable independence that almost all cats seem to have they often can’t help but scratch the carpets with their claws. The fact that dogs and cats have no concept of monetary value means that it really isn’t a consideration of theirs that their owners will have to replace the carpet because of what they’ve done.

But do you? Have to replace it I mean? Well, in short, the answer is no. The reason is relatively straightforward: the carpet repair team at Carpet Surgeon are experts in making damaged carpets look as good as new without incurring the significant cost of replacing a carpet. Insurance policies often don’t cover the cost of a replacement and even when they do it almost always results in a hefty excess fee or an increase in insurance premiums the following year. Or both.

So perhaps it’s time to consider Carpet Surgeon! The team are situated in Tamworth which is perfectly positioned within the UK to enable their experts to get to you within three hours – irrespective of where you live. Their family-run business has been operating for over 30 years which should serve as testament to how experienced they are. There are a number of testimonials on their website from satisfied customers which demonstrate the convenient, affordable and hassle-free carpet repair service they provide. Many of the people who have provided feedback comment on just how surprised they are with the results; it’s easy for a company to claim they can have something looking ‘as good as new’, indeed, it’s become a sound bite in the repair profession (not just carpet repairs either). However, when the warm and friendly people at carpet Surgeon say they can make your pet-damaged carpet look as good as new they actually mean it.

Sarah in London says that she truly “had no idea it would turn out so well”. Interestingly she later goes on to say that “due to my furry felines and their habits I am sure I will be in touch again” for here’s the thing: pets aren’t just pets! They’re members of the family! It’s more-or-less impossible to prevent pet damage to your carpets but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a cause for despair; if it happens then contact Carpet Surgeon by telephoning 01827 261 782 or 07899 992 424 or get in touch via their contact page where you can type in the specific nature of your carpet damage problem.

It’s worth mentioning that Carpet Surgeon aren’t just experts in repairing pet-damaged carpets; they’ll consider any job however big or small so before shopping around for a replacement carpet give them a try – you won’t regret it.

Remember – much like a pet dog – a carpet isn’t just for Christmas, so if yours becomes damaged get in touch with Carpet Surgeon and see how they can be of assistance in a manner which is extremely convenient and hugely affordable!

Why one business decided “only Carpet Surgeon will do” for their carpet repairs

Picture this; there is a great new business venture and it is starting to grow. The business owner is meeting with more clients and now needs a professional place of work. An office that is modern, appealing and that says “we care about your opinion.” Now, would that business choose a tired office space with worn, damaged carpets? You know the answer to that question.
carpet-surgeon-case-studies_02Like many smart organisations, Warwickshire County Council Innovation Centre also understands the importance of image. Their centre offers accommodation to businesses looking to operate in a professional workspace. So they know that unless their offices look exceptional, no business will feel comfortable relocating there. Yet what is the biggest telltale of a worn out office space?

You got it. The carpets. We have all seen them. Coffee stains, great dents from overloaded filing cabinets, huge worn patches from chair wheels and let’s not forget the everyday wear and tear of smart office shoes dragging in remnants of the British weather. Any budget line would suffer if it had to continually replace carpet, so what would the Innovation Centre do to create a presentable office space for new businesses without breaking the bank?

An innovative solution for the Innovation Centre

The recommendation came just in time. Carpet Surgeon ticked all the boxes; experts in commercial repair, quick, reliable and best of all, cost effective.

The centre’s carpet repair needs were answered!  But there was a problem. The spare carpet tiles the Innovation Centre had previously bought had run out, and what’s more, they were now discontinued.  Would the Innovation Centre have no choice but to replace all the carpets? As always, Carpet Surgeon had the solution.

Years of experience and knowledge in the flooring industry meant that Carpet Surgeon were able to quickly find an almost identical match for the existing carpet tiles and help the centre avoid making any large costly replacements.  Celebrations all round!

With a great solution in hand, Carpet Surgeon set to work expertly replacing the worn out sections of carpet. The results were fantastic.  With the offices decorated and the carpets looking like new, the tenants were excited to move in.

Why stop with just carpets?

Unsurprisingly, Warwickshire County Council Innovation Centre took no time in re-contacting Carpet Surgeon when it came to a new project; renovating their breakout area into a small café bistro. This time it wasn’t carpet they wanted. They required a quality vinyl flooring to be supplied and fitted. As flooring specialists, Carpet Surgeon’s skills do not just end with carpets. Their skilled workers swiftly fitted the practical vinyl flooring for the café and at a reasonable price.


Like many of Carpet Surgeons commercial clients, Warwickshire County Council Innovation Centre soon realised that Carpet Surgeon did not simply remove worn-out carpet, it was much more than that. They removed unnecessary stress, unprofessional image, additional expense and wasted time. Carpet Surgeon instead replaced it with a reliable flooring service and complete customer satisfaction.

That is why Carpet Surgeon are now the preferred commercial repair contractor for Warwickshire County Council Innovation Centre who know that ‘only Carpet Surgeon will do’ for their commercial repair needs.

Just like the Innovation Centre, many commercial clients recognise the benefits of using Carpet Surgeon’s expert service and it makes sense for you to be one of them. Find out more about their service for businesses and organisations or contact them direct for your no hassle carpet repair solution.

Who did damage our carpet

Napoleon Bonaparte was once quoted as saying that “there is no such thing as an accident; it is fate misnamed.” If this is true then it must have been the Gods who decided to damage your carpet and you should take comfort in the fact that there was nothing you could have done to avoid it. There’s additional comfort to be had in the fact that we’re experts in carpet repair and so irrespective of whether it was an accident or destiny we can have your carpet looking as good as new in no time at all.

There are many ways in which a carpet can be damaged (believe us, we’ve seen them all over the 30+ years we’ve been operating); iron burns, pet damage, cigarette burns and spillages are just a few examples but irrespective of the cause of the damage we’re supremely confident we can take the necessary steps to resolve the problem. That we’re based in Tamworth makes us ideally situated to service the whole of the UK; our central positioning with the United Kingdom means we can reach pretty much anywhere within a few hours.

Throughout England there are bound to be tonnes of carpet repairers who promise to repair your carpet cheaply and effectively. However, we believe we are up there with the very best of them and the testimonials we receive from our satisfied customers are testament to that. Click the relevant link on our webpage to see some examples of what our clientele have said. Too many people needlessly have their damaged carpet ripped up and replaced with a brand new one. Not only is that an expensive option, it also contributes to the increasingly-serious problem of recycling – that damaged carpet is bound to end up on a landfill somewhere when we’re able to provide a much better alternative – we’ll repair the damage for a fraction of what it would cost to replace the carpet and we’ll take pride and care in doing so.

Sure, you could make a claim on your insurance but are you sure you’re covered? Many policies now exclude accidental damage to carpets and even if they do cover it there’s likely to be excess to be paid. The renewal of the policy the following year is likely to increase too. In short, if damage has been done to your carpet then there isn’t really any reason we can think of to not give us a call before doing anything further!

Of course we’re bound to say that but giving us a call or dropping us an email with details of the problem is something you should always consider: our warm and friendly team will get back to you quickly and we’ll be honest too – if we genuinely don’t think we can get your carpet repaired to an exceptional level then we’ll tell you. Above anything else we want you to be satisfied with the carpet repair service that we offer. There are several reasons for this. We take pride in what it is that we do, we want to uphold the reputation we’ve built up over the years and bad news travels faster than good! If you’re not completely satisfied then you’re far more likely to tell people to avoid us rather than recommending us when satisfied.

Napoleon (who we quoted at the beginning of this piece) is renowned for being one of the greatest commanders in history; we’d love to be renowned for being one of the greatest carpet repairers in history! So get in touch today and see how our expert carpet repair team can be of service to you.

Before you replace your damaged carpet, think about the benefits of using Carpet Surgeon

Carpets must be one of the most difficult parts of a house to replace when damaged. Often, you feel like the only choice you have is to tear up the whole room/section and start over. However that increases not only cost but also the time – consider how long it takes to rip up the original, dispose of it, choose new furnishings, and get the carpet fitted. It certainly is not a quick job.

What if we told you there was an easy way? If you’re in Tamworth, or the surrounding area, Carpet Surgeon is a family run business that is more than adequately equipped to deal with all your carpet woes.

Carpet repairs in Tamworth by experienced professionals

Carpet Surgeon’s specialists are passionate about flooring, and the origins of the organisation can be found in the soft flooring trade. It is this experience and knowledge of the subject matter that motivates us to do the best they can to right your carpet wrongs.

Don’t assume that your particular damaged carpet situation is something too far-gone to be restored. Contact us to find out – you would be surprised at what we can achieve. Our specialists can help where your carpets have felt the full force of the iron, had run ins with the family pet (s) or where the delicate flooring has come into contact with destructive substances. The residents of Tamworth are well within the reach of Carpet Surgeon, and by contacting us quickly when damage occurs, you can have access to experts who have your best interests at heart. The professionals at Carpet Surgeon will advise on the best way to deal with your damaged carpet and we can also offer some guidance on how to give a weary looking carpet a makeover! We can repair holes, rips and snags as well as fine-tuning stray edges and re-seaming joins. There isn’t much we can’t turn our hand to with regards to carpet repairs in Tamworth, so it’s certainly worth getting in touch to find out whether your carpet can be restored, effectively saving you all the time and trouble, not to mention expense, of purchasing new.

Benefits of looking into carpet repair in Tamworth

Many of the time saving and financial benefits involved when opting to repair rather than replace your carpet are pretty obvious, but there are other important advantages too. It has recently come to light that some insurance companies will not cover your carpets against accidental damage without a hefty additional charge. Furthermore, premiums which do take into account damage to carpets will still require payment of an excess before any activity is undertaken to resolve the matter. Why suffer financially when the chances are that repairing the damage to your carpet will cost significantly less than the amount it would if you were to insure and then subsequently claim against that insurance? You can benefit financially by utilising Carpet Surgeons carpet repairs in Tamworth, and avoid claiming on your insurance.

If like us, you are sensitive about your carbon footprint, then choosing to use Carpet Surgeon to fix carpet problems would go along way in balancing out your impact on the environment. Tamworth’s landfill sites probably have enough to contend with, without having to deal with carpets that in hindsight didn’t need to be there. Using Carpet Surgeon would be very much in keeping with the spirit of recycling and helping out with global warming – by repairing your carpet, you won’t have to buy new flooring, which means no worries or concerns about how best to safely dispose of your old carpet.

Carpet repairs in Tamworth outside of the home

Carpet Surgeon don’t just stop at carpets in homes, as we are able to work our magic almost anywhere! Commercial buildings, community venues and even vehicles have all been subject to the Carpet Surgeon treatment, with amazing results! Also, carpet repairs in Tamworth are not the only thing we offer – Carpet Surgeon are willing to the extra mile to transform environments across the country – no distance is too far.

If your carpet has suffered damage, no matter what, or who the culprit is, call Carpet Surgeon before you consider replacing your carpets, as this could save you money, time and trouble.



At Carpet Surgeon we pride ourselves on our ability to repair damaged carpets to leave them looking as good as new without incurring the often expensive cost of a replacement. With that in mind we thought we would provide you with a step-by-step guide on how we achieve this.

We begin by correctly identifying the problem and how it was caused. This can be for a range of reasons from iron burns to spillages to pet damage. It’s important to determine the exact cause as that will influence the correct way to remedy the problem.

Once you’ve determined the root cause of the problem the next stage is to identify the size of the damage as this (similarly to the cause of the problem) will determine how best to repair the damage.

There are several methods of repairing damaged carpets with some examples being retufting, reseaming or a full transplant. As mentioned above, the size of the damaged area should serve as a guide to which method best serves your particular problem. Any size of damaged area up to and including the size of a golf ball can generally be retufted; anything bigger is probably better being transplanted.

To retuft the damaged area doesn’t always necessarily warrant using a donor carpet; it’s sometimes possible to retuft using the existing fibres. This is where our expertise comes in to play as we’re more than capable of determining the best method of repair.


You should remove the damaged fibres carefully without damaging or disturbing the carpet’s backing. It’s better to be slow and steady here without rushing as this can cause further damage leading to more repairs.

If the customer has no spare carpets either from offcuts or from a piece laid in a cubby hole (for example), then it’s possible to take what’s needed from the perimeter of the room. Once you’ve sourced the piece of replacement carpet you should implant individual tufts of it and secure each strand at the base until the area is filled.

Once this has been achieved the area should be left for a minimum of three hours before vacuuming etc can commence.


If the damaged area is bigger than the size specified above then the repair will require a piece of donor carpet. Bigger damaged areas are more likely caused by iron burns and pet damage than spillages. The damaged area should be removed with care, down to the underlay or the sub floor section beneath the carpet.

Once this has been done the donor piece of carpet should be cut down to the exact size needed before sealing all of the edges to prevent fraying. Then, using specialist adhesives and tapes designed with jobs such as this in mind seam the piece of donor carpet into the area left when the damaged area was removed.

Next, using specialist tool, blend the two pieces together seamlessly so that even the trained eye cannot detect that a damaged piece of carpet has been replaced. As with the retufting process, a minimum of three hours should be left before vacuuming the area. This will maximise the effectiveness of the repair and ensure no further damage is done.

Both retufting and donor carpet repairs take approximately three hours to perform; it all depends on what caused the damage in the first place. Spillages will more often than not require retufting (although the size of the damaged area will determine the exact solution); whereas pet damage and iron burns etc will often require a piece of donor carpet. Irrespective of the size of the damaged area, Carpet Surgeon is on hand to save you the expense of buying a new carpet and make your existing carpet look as good as new!


Case Study: Drayton Manor Hotel Commercial Carpet Repair

Drayton Manor Hotel is a 4-star facility set within 280 acres of lakes and parkland that was once the home of Sir Robert Peel. Because of its proximity to Drayton Manor Park, Thomas Land and Drayton Manor Zoo it’s the perfect place to rest up before or after a fun day out with all the family. It was therefore a source of pride when we were asked to pay the hotel a visit to assess problems with some of the carpets fitted in 2011 when the hotel was built.

The first step in this type of commercial carpet repair was to visit the site with their Head of Maintenance to identify the specific problems the team there were experiencing; the more information we are given the better able we are to perform our outstanding service. Drayton Manor Hotel boasts some 150 bedrooms and the vast majority of these rooms had stretched carpets which had the effect of creating ‘air bubbles’ and unsightly lumps and bumps. Often it’s the case that we’re able to smooth out these bubbles, making the carpet look as good as new, but in this instance each of the rooms had extensive furniture fitted after the carpets had been laid meaning the bubbles had nowhere to travel.

After our team at Carpet Surgeon gave it some thought we decided that the best step forward was to cut around the fitted furniture to release the bubbles. We wanted to ensure that the bubbles didn’t return at a later date and felt the best way to achieve this was to first adhere the underlay to the subfloor and then adhere the carpet to the underlay; this would create a ‘double-stick installation’ thus permanently solving the problem.

After considering our proposed solution, the maintenance team at Drayton Manor Hotel agreed that this was the best way forward and so we set about performing the repairs. Despite the fact that not all of the 150 rooms were affected we agreed that it made sense to carry out our prescribed solution in every room over a number of months in case the problem occurred in other rooms at a later date.

As with any proposed solution, it makes sense to test the theory on a couple of rooms to see whether it achieves the desired results. With that in mind we performed our repairs on a couple of rooms and were delighted to see that the problem was solved quickly and easily.

The fact that the hotel was (and still is) operational meant that we had to rigorously schedule the repairs to ensure they were carried out at a time when the room wasn’t occupied. This meant that Drayton Manor Hotel wouldn’t lose any custom through our repairs and also meant we could give adequate care and attention to the repairs.

Since then we’ve been in the continuous process of demonstrating our carpet repair expertise at times and dates convenient to Drayton Manor Hotel. We take huge amounts of pride in the services we offer and the fact that we managed to achieve the desired result with the minimal of fuss and complications is a huge boost to us. Over the next few weeks and months we’ll carry out the procedures to each of the affected rooms and we’ll have yet another satisfied customer.

So, if you’re looking for commercial carpet repairs then look no further than Carpet Surgeon; we aim to solve any and all problems at reasonable cost and without disrupting the services your business provides. Contact us today to see how we can help with your commercial carpet repair needs!


Strike while the iron is hot – Case Study

There’s an old expression which states that you should “strike while the iron is hot.” This roughly means that when an opportunity to do something presents itself you should do it before that chance has gone. With that in mind, here’s a case study of Carpet Surgeon and what happened when a customer acted decisively and contacted the team to perform an iron burn repair in Tamworth before the opportunity was lost.

Carpet Surgeon were contacted via their page on the Tamworth Herald website, where the problem was explained in detail to ensure the best possible service. Whilst doing the ironing in the lounge the customer had accidentally knocked their iron onto their carpet which had been fitted some three weeks previous. Within seconds of the iron falling off its board the carpet unfortunately began to burn and melt. The carpet cost almost £1000 and, after enquiring with their insurance company, the customer was dismayed to learn that they were not covered for accidental damage.

Fortunately, iron burn repairs are one of Carpet Surgeon’s specialities and they were quick to reassure the customer they would be happy to help with their problem. After realising there was only a small piece of spare carpet from the original fitting (which had been laid inside a storage cupboard), the team loaded the van and popped out to assess the situation first-hand.

Having arrived at the customer’s house it quickly became apparent that the iron had not only damaged the carpet but the underlay beneath too. Thanks to the expertise of Carpet Surgeon’s team this didn’t provide too many problems and before long the damaged area of carpet (and underlay) had been removed to leave an area measuring approximately 9” x 6” bare. After discussions with the customer it was agreed that the aforementioned piece of carpet in the storage room could be removed and used for the repair.

(here it’s worth noting that Carpet Surgeon later replaced the storage room carpet with a piece similar in quality, colour and appearance, one which had been sourced prior to the team attending to the job).

Once the damaged patch of carpet had been successfully removed, the team set about doing what they do best: making nearly-new carpets look as good as possible. The burned underlay was soon replaced, cut back and sealed to ensure the carpet could be slotted into place seamlessly. Once that had been achieved the ‘donor’ piece of carpet was cut to size and inserted into the space where the iron had fallen. Using a specialist trade tape and adhesive, the team bonded the two carpets together and began the important blending process. After a period of around one hour blending and shearing the pile it was as if the iron burn had never occurred; the repair had been a huge success and the team could be proud of a job well done.

As one might expect, the customer was delighted with the results, not least because Carpet Surgeon’s expertise had saved her a substantial amount of money without compromising the quality, look and feel of the carpet. It was explained to her that once the adhesives had been given the adequate time to ‘go off’ the carpet could be vacuumed as normal and – should it ever be required – could even be professionally cleaned. The iron burn repair was permanent and didn’t negate the quality of the carpet.

This particular customer struck while the iron was hot and took the opportunity to make the most of Carpet Surgeon’s expertise. So, if you find yourself in a similar predicament why not strike while the iron is hot yourself?  Give Carpet Surgeon a call and take advantage of their iron burn repair service in Tamworth. You will not be disappointed!

Tea spill carpet repair– Maidstone, Kent

Paul is a first class surgeon. He is knowledgeable, courteous, and dedicated. He performed a transplant on the plain pale green carpet in our living room which showed his artful skills with a scalpel and needle as well as other magic from his extensive black box. It is such a pleasure to see an expert at work, especially in our age of superficial / inadequate solutions provided by “pretenders.” Paul is a genuine gem. He really should be cloned as we need more truly capable people.

Highest recommendation,

The Thompsons

Guest Blog: A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Rug

A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Rug

Rugs can lend instant comfort, warmth and visual appeal to any room, but there are several things to consider before you head to the stores. Material, size and your home lifestyle are all important factors. Here are a few pointers on how to get started.

Make and Material

Generally-speaking, there are two common methods of rugs manufacture.

– Woven carpets can be either hand-made or factory-produced and are known for toughness due to the method of weaving vertical strands (known as ‘warps’) and horizontal fibres together. Often made of wool and natural materials, woven rugs can be a little more costly.

– Tufted rugs are machine-made using computers: a canvas backing is punctured with strands and sometimes a second layer is glued on afterwards. This allows for greater precision in prints, so the majority of rugs for sale in the showroom will be made this way.

– Materials can range from natural sources like sea grass and cotton to man-made fabrics such as nylon and polyester. Although hand-made, organic rugs have an unparalleled artisan look, manufactured polyester rugs can offer better stain protection and are often easier to clean.

Fit To Purpose

-The best place to start is to think about what purpose and room you are buying the rug for. If for a communal area such as a lounge or hallway, how much foot-traffic does the area encounter?

– Then think more generally about your family and lifestyle. If you have young children or a house pet, you may need to think more practically about materials and longevity.

– Rugs which are intended to cover a hardwood or smooth surface may require extra safety considerations, such as grips underneath to stop them from sliding.

Practical Tips

– Make sure you have measured the space where the rug is to be placed and taken into account how you want furniture to be grouped. If in doubt, tape the area on your floor to see what the effect will be like.

– Match the size and texture of your rug to the room: large furniture suites will dwarf a small rug and heavy piling can look out of place beneath a refined, elegant dining table.

– Try to tie a rug in with one of the key shades in your room. Neutral areas might benefit from a strong accent colour but try not to overload on printed designs if you already have patterns elsewhere. It is useful to note darker and heavily-patterned rugs hide a multitude of sins in a busy household.

Many designers advise those starting from scratch to build an entire room around the rug or carpet. However, if you are simply working with existing décor, try bringing home swatches of different colours, or making a mood board of different styles if you are struggling to choose. The benefits of a rug in terms of insulation, comfort and interior design are high, so it is worth weighing up all your options and picking correctly.


Alfred is a home interiors advisor who writes for several web and print publications. His specific interests lie in soft furnishings and he often visits decorating sites to check out what is new in designer curtains and contemporary rugs for sale. To know more visit this page.

Iron burn repair, Moseley, Birmingham

Having knocked the iron of its board and onto the middle of my living room floor in my rented house I instantly panicked thinking how in the world am I going to fix this! Thankfully I contacted the carpet surgeon, Paul who, once seeing the damage though photos assured me that this was something that he had dealt with before and was hopeful that it could be rectified.

On the phone I found Paul very knowledgeable and so refreshingly accommodating in working around my busy schedule. In fact this level of professionalism was only surpassed by the quality and care shown in his work! I was amazed by the results – you would honestly never know anything had happened!

I would highly recommend the Carpet Surgeon if you want an experienced specialist that offers amazing service and good value for money.

Helen, Birmingham